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SLG46108 Datasheet GreenPAK Ultra-small Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix 964.06 KB
SLG46108 Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 551.42 KB
AN-CM-232 Low Power DC/DC Converter This application note presents a low cost and low power DC/DC push-pull converter based on the Dialog GreenPAK SLG46108 device 1.21 MB
AN-CM-243 Capacitive Charge Pump using GreenPAK This application note presents how to make a capacitive charge pump using a GreenPAK CMIC and just a couple of low cost external components 3.84 MB
AN-CM-248 PWM Control for PC Fans Learn how to build a fully-featured 12 V PC fan PWM controller with Dialog GreenPAK™ configurable mixed-signal IC 817.07 KB
AN-CM-274 Temperature to Frequency Conversion Using GreenPAK This application note describes a simplified technique for directly converting a temperature sensor analog signal to digital frequency using GreenPAK. This application note comes complete with design files which can be found in the References section. 1.27 MB
Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products Dialog Environmental Statement for IC Products 788.64 KB