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AN-CM-236 SLG46880/1 Dynamic Memory Block This application note describes the Dynamic Memory (DM) blocks and how to use them 766.57 KB
MiniTLB PCB Layout 1.1 MB
SLG59M1736C LTspice Model GreenFET3™ Single P-Channel Integrated Power Switch 8.08 KB
UM-PM-039 Fuel Gauge Development Kit UM-PM-039 Fuel Gauge Development Kit 2.15 MB
AN-CM-259 .GP file GP File 9.42 KB
iW6401 Product Brief Digital Smart Lighting LED Driver IC 1 MB
AN-1094 Mobile Dino Game This application note describes how to implement a popular mobile dine game 481.57 KB
WP-1002 Asynchronous State Machine vs MCU (Traditional Chinese) This white paper contains comparisons, design tradeoffs, and tips that the user may consider when choosing between a variety of microcontroller options, and doing the same job using the asynchronous state machine inside GreenPAK (Traditional Chinese) 452.64 KB
DA9061/2 Motherboard schematic DA9061/2 Motherboard schematic 1013.06 KB
Simple beacon Simple beacon 487.45 KB
DA1469x Bare Metal Blinky DA1469x Bare Metal Blinky 1.04 MB
SLG55596A Datasheet USB Host Charger Identification Analog Switches 118.38 KB
SLG59M1448V Datasheet GreenFET3™ Single N-Channel Integrated Power Switch 157.89 KB
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.7 for Windows OS SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.7 for Windows OS 604.71 MB
SLG46867 Errata Chips' issues and their workaround 312.68 KB
AN-D-235: SC14CVMDECT CVM Module Reprogram Guide AN-D-235: SC14CVMDECT CVM Module Reprogram Guide 274.65 KB
iW671 Product Summary Synchronous Rectifier Controller Replaces Schottky Diode; Companion to iW1766C1 AC/DC Controller 522.63 KB
AN-1011 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Dynamic switching comparator Dynamic switching is used in order to reduce power consumption. An analog comparator generates HIGH-level signal on output when signal on positive input is higher than signal on negative input 243.82 KB
DA1469x iBeacon DA1469x iBeacon 1.08 MB
DA9070 / DA9070 demo PCB DA9070 / DA9070 demo PCB 2.54 MB