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DA9062 Full Datasheet Entry level PMIC for applications requiring up to 8.5 A 1.43 MB
Basic Sequencer GP 4.74 KB
SLG8UM610V Datasheet Low Power Clock Synthesizer for Intel UMPC Systems 137.68 KB
AN-1018 GreenPAK Macro Circuit Design Wake and Sleep for Analogue Comparator Wake and sleep mode is required when the power consumption reduction is needed. An analog comparator generates HIGH-level signal on output when signal on positive input is higher than signal on negative input 234.21 KB
SLG46580/82/83 Datasheet GreenPAK Programmable Mixed-signal Matrix with Asynchronous State Machine and LDOs 2.41 MB
AN-PM-029 DDR termination with DA9063 AN-PM-029 DDR termination with DA9063 625.86 KB
SLG7NT4375V Datasheet SKLAIO 712.93 KB
DA9318 Reference Board Schematic 975.38 KB
AN-1150 Auto-ranging I2C Capacitance Meter This application note demonstrates how to configure a GreenPAK™ mixed signal IC to build an auto-ranging capacitance meter 322.22 KB
UM-B-085 DA14681 Wearable Development Kit API UM-B-085 DA14681 Wearable Development Kit API 4.87 MB
SLG59H1005V PSpice Model HFET1™ High-Voltage Integrated Power Control Switch 4.02 KB
AW-CU362 CE Certification AW-CU362 CE Certification 4.73 MB
OS Binary and patch files OS Binary and patch files 7.74 MB
SmartBond™ DA1458x 製品ファミリ 世界最小、超低消費電力で、高度に統合化されたBluetooth SmartソリューションであるDA14580をベースとして 2.16 MB
iW1608 Product Summary iW1608 Product Summary 388.88 KB
AN-1207 Inductive Load Power Switch Considerations This application note describes some common problems caused by operating inductive loads 403.19 KB
SLG59M1466V Layout Guide GreenFET3™ Single N-Channel Integrated Power Switch 194.5 KB
AN-1066 Voltage Slope Direction Determination Circuit This application note shows how to use a single GreenPAK Configurable Mixed-signal IC to design a circuit to determine whether the input voltage is rising, falling, or constant in time 398.75 KB
iW3638 Product Summary iW3638 Product Summary 484.39 KB
SLG59M1563V Datasheet GreenFET3™ Reverse Blocking Integrated Power Switch 288.14 KB