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SmartPulse™ (ULE)

Wireless sensors, actuators and base station devices


Wireless sensor network devices

Dialog’s SmartPulse™ series of wireless sensors, actuators and base station devices enable an easy development of wireless sensor networks for the home automation, security, healthcare and energy monitoring consumer markets.

The DECT ULE standard enables the development of a wide range of new wireless consumer products that run for up to 10 years on a single AAA battery pack. Systems running SmartPulse sensors self-configure with a home’s DECT ULE / DECT enabled hub or internet gateway, allowing connected systems to be managed over the web using a smartphone, laptop or tablet PC.


SC14SPNODE wireless data and voice sensors and activators

Software application packages for sensors and actuators

SC14CVMDECT base station device


Complete drop-in solutions for RF networking

Transceiver, baseband, power amplifier and antenna

Protocol and application interface software

Fully type approved, tested and TBR-6 / FCC certified

Programmable via AT command set

Ultra low power - sleep current < 3 μA

232 bits / 29 byte packet data

RF range: 1870 - 1930 MHz

Receiver sensitivity < -93 dBm

Transmit power 23 dBm (200 mW)

Power supply voltage 2.10 - 3.1 V


Fast time to market

Easy design in

No RF expertise or resources required

Reduced inventory and easier logistics

Allows sensor modules to run for years on a single AAA battery

Incorporates DECT ULE ultra-low-energy technology

EU/US/J-DECT certified


Ultra low power wireless sensor data applications

  • Home automation
  • Home security
  • Home healthcare
  • Home energy monitoring

Low standby current wireless actuator data applications


18x19, 6 mm 80-pin system in package IC


The SC14SPNODE, with optional software packages, is a DECT data pump for ultra-low energy data and voice services. A star network topology can be made using SC14CVMDECT as a basestation and the SC14SPNODE as ultra-low energy nodes. Applications are defined in software and packages can be downloaded from Dialog’s customer portal.

DECT is an established technology that delivers whole house coverage and SmartPulse, with DECT ULE, builds on this legacy and the simple star networks can be used for a variety of home automation applications.

Linking Devices

All three of our SmartPulse products integrate an easy to use AT Command set for configuring wireless links between multiple sensors and the base station. To help accelerate the OEM product creation cycle, Dialog has created complete development kits for all SmartPulse devices.

Our versatile and powerful modules integrate all hardware and software components into a single wireless system-in-package and eliminate the need for RF expertise, design resources or testers. The modules also feature complete protocol and application interface software.

For detailed information on specific type numbers please can contact our sales offices.

A Standards-Based Solution

ULE is the ideal ETSI standard for home automation, security and climate control. We are a founding member of the ULE Alliance whose mission is to establish ULE as the world’s leading control network ecosystem for home and building use by leveraging the proven reliability and range of the DECT radio technology currently in use in 100s of millions of products worldwide.


DECT ULE products solution concepts

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SC14CVMDECT Brochure (681.8 KB)
White Papers & Technical Articles
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Wireless standards for home automation, energy, care and security device (99.03 KB)
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SmartPulse™ wireless sensor network devices