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SmartBeat™ low-power 1.9GHz DECT evolution and audio solution


Ultra-reliable and low-latency communication

Get technology-ready for the new DECT standard with our advanced SmartBeat™ DA14495. It is ideal for new 1.9 GHz DECT use cases in voice, audio and data. You can make significant improvements in new application fields from microphones and intercom systems to enterprise handsets and headsets. The DA14495’s low power consumption and processing capacity for sensor fusion makes it perfect for ULE networks.

The DA14495’s architectural layering and towering ensures a highly versatile and easily extendible software platform. It gives you the building blocks you need and the flexibility to create your own unique solutions. Power management is a core component, while the flexible audio API allows you to set up multiple streams independently.

This product is available in both the Voice Over DECT and Wireless Audio product lines.

Lifecycle status

● Active

Perfect pairing

The DA14495 is an open audio platform that can be combined with any audio codec to create high-end digital applications such as headphones and wearable devices.Software is available as source code, so it can be fully customized. To maximize flexibility and customization, we offer a powerful yet compact embedded development kit. A host of codecs, sound enhancements, and other audio packages are available from Dialog and third party partners.

It is the perfect companion to the DA7217 advanced codec, which offers an outstanding power to performance ratio. It includes a voice trigger function that can monitor for voice commands before waking up the DA14495 to start command interpretation.


Multi-Level-Modulation high speed 12 slot radio technology

32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 MCU operating at up to 165 MHz

32-bit Cadence (Tensilica) HiFi 3 DSP operating at up to 290 MHz

USB 2.0 HS/FS interface (compatible with USB 3 Type-C)

Multiple HCI clocking schemes for Bluetooth integration

Triple stereo hardware sample rate converter up to 192 kHz

Dual input 10-bit ADC

Supports external QSPI Flash

Integrated battery management for Li-ion and Li-polymer batteries

High-precision fuel gauge

Dead battery wake-up

Extensive range of digital audio interfaces (SPDIF, PDM, SPI, UARTs, I2C etc.)


Enables professional enterprise solutions with increased density and spectral efficiency

Enhanced user experience due to excellent high-end audio quality

Create 3x lower power products, with smaller batteries and smaller housing

Supports ULE product evolution – sensors with longer range or running on coin cell batteries

Increased security and reliability with forward error correction, double slot diversity and security Type A, B and C

Programming freedom and space for new applications thanks to generous memory


Intercom systems


Professional handsets


Voice controlled speakers



VBGA (7.0 x 7.0 mm)

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