Ultra Low Power Wi-Fi SoC for battery powered IoT devices

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The DA16200 SoC is the world's first Wi-Fi SoC delivering year plus battery life for always connected Wi-Fi IoT devices. DA16200 is low power Wi-Fi networking SoC that delivers a dramatic breakthrough in battery life even for devices that are continuously connected to the Wi-Fi network. In most applications, one year plus battery life is achievable. There is no tradeoff in output power or range as the SoC’s range is industry leading. The chip also features very strong IoT security, including WPA3 and TLS for authentication and encryption at Wi-Fi and higher stack layers.  The DA16200 is a full offload device, meaning the the entire Wi-Fi and TCP/IP networking stack and even end product application code can run on chip with no external CPU or MCU required. Alternatively, a small inexpensive MCU can send the DA16200 commands and the SoC will still perform the full offload networking stack functions.     

The DA16200 modules are the perfect complement to the DA16200 ultra low power Wi-Fi SoC.


  • 802.11n 1X1
  • 2.4 GHz
  • 20 MHz channels
  • Three sleep modes
  • Wi-Fi Certified
  • Cortex M4F processor
  • SRAM
  • Hardware encryption engine
  • Integrated PA and LNA
  • OTA engine
  • Multiple I/Os
  • ADC engine
  • Hostless or hosted mode


  • Low power Wi-Fi
  • Enables year-plus battery life for most applications
  • Superior range
  • Strong security at Wi-Fi layer
  • Strong security at upper stack layers
  • Long battery life even when continously connected 
  • Full offload, runs entire stack on chip
  • Run without any external CPU or MCU
  • Otpionally can run with external MCU
  • Multiple sleep modes for different applications
  • Available as SoC or module
  • Processes analog or digital sensor info on chip


  • Thermostats
  • Door locks
  • Security cameras
  • Video door bells
  • Temperature sensors
  • Smoke detectors
  • Other wireless sensors
  • Garage door openers
  • Pet trackers
  • Asset trackers
  • Home automation
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Residential
QFN48, 6 x 6 x 0.9 mm
FcCSP72, 3.8 x 3.8 x 0.68mm


Date Version
DA16200 Datasheet 15/05/2020 3.1
Product Brief
Date Version
DA16200 Product Brief 20/04/2020 1.0
Date Version
DA16200 Generic SDK Package v2.2.3.0 (DDPS) (Registered users only) 14/10/2020
DA16200 Generic SDK Packaged v2.3.2.0 (Registered users only) 12/10/2020
DA16200 MESH SDK Package v2.3.0.0 (Registered users only) 03/09/2020
SDK User Manual
Date Version
UM-WI-002 DA16200 SDK Programmers Guide 15/09/2020 1.10
UM-WI-003 DA16200 AT Command User Manual 18/09/2020 1.8
UM-WI-010 DA16200 MQTT Programmer User Manual 20/08/2020 1.4
UM-WI-020 DA16200 SPI Host Interface User Manual 07/04/2020 1.0
UM-WI-022 DA16200 HTTP Extended API 17/09/2020 1.1
Development Tools
Date Version
DA16200 Pin Multiplexer Tool 09/12/2019 1.2
DA16200 Security Tool 02/06/2020 1.2
DA16200 SPI Sflash Downloader 29/11/2019 1.3
DA16200 UART Sflash Downloader 11/11/2019 1.1
UM-WI-008 DA16200 Pin Multiplexer User Manual 06/01/2020 1.2
UM-WI-012 DA16200 SPI SFlash Downloader User Manual 26/06/2020 1.5
UM-WI-014 DA16200 UART Sflash Downloader User Manual 28/11/2019 1.3
UM-WI-015 DA16200 Security Tool User Manual 02/06/2020 1.6
Software Applications & Examples
Date Version
DA16200 Image Package v2.2.0.0 for AWS IoT (Registered users only) 30/06/2020
DA16200 SDK Package v2.2.0.0 for AWS IoT (Registered users only) 30/06/2020
UM-WI-007 DA16200 Example Application Manual 14/09/2020 1.9
Mobile Apps
Date Version
DA16200 Andriod Wi-Fi provisioning tool v1.3 18/09/2020 1.3
UM-WI-025 DA16200 Android Provisioning Tool User Manual 18/09/2020 1.3
Application Notes
Date Version
AN-WI-002 DA16200 Bluetooth Coexistence Application note 09/04/2020 1.3
User Guides
Date Version
UM-WI-006 DA16200 Hardware Design Guide 14/10/2020 1.3
UM-WI-011 DA16200 Mass Production User Manual 28/07/2020 1.4
UM-WI-028 SoftAP User Provisioning Manual 27/08/2020 1.0
UM-WI-029 DA16200 Wi-Fi Connection notification 02/09/2020 1.0
Hardware Design Collateral
Date Version
DA16200 fcCSP72 Symbols & footprints 14/10/2020 1.0
DA16200 QFN48 Symbols & footprints 14/10/2020 1.0
Wi-Fi Certification
Date Version
DA16200 WFA Certification Report 29/04/2020 1.0
DA16200 WFA Certification Report 24/04/2020 1.0
RoHS and Reach
Date Version
DA16200 REACH declaration 27/04/2020 1.0
DA16200 RoHS declaration 27/04/2020 1.0
Ref. Design and Dev. Kit Documentation
Date Version
DA16200 DEVKT Electric Schematic 12/05/2020 7.0
DA16200 Evaluation Kit Pro Power Profiler 28/07/2020
UM-WI-023 DA16200 EVK User manual 24/07/2020 1.8

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