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SmartBond DA1469x Product Family

The world’s most advanced wireless microcontroller. Sense, process and communicate

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The SmartBond™ DA1469x family of Bluetooth® low energy solutions is Dialog’s most advanced, feature rich range of multi-core microcontroller units for wireless connectivity.

The new product family builds off the successes of Dialog’s SmartBond line, boasting three new cores that offer greater processing power, resources, range and battery life, enabling developers to push the boundaries of a wide array of connected consumer applications. The DA1469x line provides developers with advanced connectivity features to future-proof their devices and fit the needs of multiple applications. As the first wireless MCU in production based on the ARM Cortex M33 processor, DA1469x products offer developers greater processing power for intensive applications like high-end fitness trackers, advanced smart home devices and virtual reality game controllers.

Additionally, these wireless MCUs have a Configurable MAC which enable manufacturers to deploy proprietary 2.4 GHz and the latest Bluetooth low energy 5.2 protocol, opening up new possibilities such as accurate positioning for Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) and low latency communication exchange for applications like gaming. And, to enhance their sensing functionality, the line features a Sensor Node Controller (SNC) that runs autonomously and independently processes data from sensors connected to its interfaces.

Finally, the DA1469x family features a state-of-the-art Power Management Unit that utilizes best-in-class power management by controlling the different processing cores and only activating them as needed, while also eliminating the need for a separate PMIC and reducing the overall system size. Altogether, the DA1469x line represents Dialog’s most advanced family of Bluetooth low energy products, perfectly suited to meet the demands of tomorrow’s users.


  • Supports complex applications while guaranteeing extreme low power consumption
  • SW programmable protocol engine ensures end products are future proof
  • Enables a rich user experience
  • Provides banking-level security for application, data and communication


  • Saves up to $1.28 on BoM vs existing wireless MCUs
  • Saves up to 38mm2 of PCB space (components + routing) vs existing wireless MCUs


  • Fitness trackers
  • Sport watches
  • Toys
  • Consumer appliances
  • Home automation
  • Industrial automation
  • Voice-controlled remote controls
  • Access control
  • Game controllers and headsets
VFBGA86, 6 x 6 x 0.55 mm
VFBGA100, 5 x 5 x 0.475 mm

Development Kits and Reference Designs

Hardware Development Kits based on DA1469x
Development Kit – USB
Development Kit – Pro
SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK
Relevant reference designs
SmartBond™ emWin support for DA1469x
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Date Version
DA1469x Datasheet 14/10/2020 3.2
Product Brief
Date Version
SmartBond™ DA1469x Family Product Brief 14/02/1019 1.0
SmartBond™ DA1469x Family Product Brief (chinese) 22/02/2019 1.0
Date Version
DA1469x SDK10.0.10.118 (Registered users only) 24/07/2020 10.0.10
DA1469x SDK10.0.10.118 Release Note 24/07/2020 10.0.10
SDK User Manual
Date Version
UM-B-090: DA1469x Getting Started User Manual (HTML) 01/09/2019 2.0
UM-B-090: DA1469x Getting Started User Manual (PDF) 20/02/2019 1.0
UM-B-092: DA1469x Software Platform Reference Manual 23/12/2019 5.0
UM-B-103: DA1469x Application Porting Guide 22/02/2019 1.0
UM-B-134: DA1469x State of Charge Functionality 17/11/2020 1.0
Development Tools
Date Version
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.14 for Windows OS 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.14 for Linux OS 28/05/2020 2.0.14
UM-B-057 SmartSnippets Studio User Manual 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Studio Release Notes 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.14 for Windows OS 28/05/2020 5.0.14
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.14 for for Linux OS 28/05/2020 5.0.14
UM-B-083 SmartSnippets Toolbox User Manual (HTML) 28/05/2020 5.0.14
SmartSnippets Toolbox Release Notes 28/05/2020 5.0.14
Software Applications & Examples
Date Version
DA1469x Bare Metal Blinky 16/01/2020 1.0
DA1469x CMSIS DSP example 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Cortex M33 fault handling 05/07/2019 1.0
DA1469x Development Kit Factory Firmware 24/05/2019 1.0
DA1469x emWin demonstration 02/02/2020 1.1
DA1469x Power Consumption Central 04/02/2020 1.0
DA1469x Power Consumption Peripheral 04/02/2020 1.0
DA1469x SPI Template for Sensor Node Controller 24/05/2019 1.0
DA1469x Step Motor Demonstration 16/04/2019 1.0
DA1469x VBAT Monitoring with Sensor Node Controller 16/04/2019 1.0
DA1469x Wake up controller 26/10/2020 1.1
Software Applications & Examples: Flash Drivers
Date Version
DA1469x AT25SL128A Flash driver 08/06/2020 1.0
DA1469x AT25SL321 Flash driver 08/06/2020 1.0
DA1469x AT25XE321 Flash driver 03/03/2020 1.0
DA1469x EN25S16B Flash driver 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x P25Q32LE Flash driver 08/06/2020 1.0
DA1469x IS25WP032D Flash driver 08/06/2020 1.0
DA1469x XT25Q08B Flash driver 06/06/2020 1.0
DA1469x XM25QU64A Flash driver 08/06/2020 1.0
Software Applications & Examples: Peripheral Drivers/Adapters
Date Version
AES encryption/decryption & HASH example using secured keys.¶ 11/01/2021 1.0
DA14699 Led Driver 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x AES HASH Engine 22/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x AES HASH Secure Keys 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Audio Example 20/10/2020 1.1
DA1469x Battery SOC Fuel Gauge Demo Application 02/12/2020 1.0
DA1469x Crypto AES OTP 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Custom bluetooth service 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x GPIO Pins Handling 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x I2C request response example application 04/01/2021 1.0
DA1469x I2C Template for Sensor Node Controller 18/04/2019 1.0
DA1469x Input Capture & PWM Timer 02/12/2020 1.1
DA1469x Real Time Clock 02/06/2020 1.1
DA1469x UART adapter example 22/10/2019 1.0
DA1469x USB-MSC_FatFs Example 25/08/2020 1.0
Software Applications & Examples: Bluetooth
Date Version
DA1469x CPP collector 21/06/2019 1.0
DA1469x CPP sensor 21/06/2019 1.0
DA1469x iBeacon 18/04/2019 1.0
DA1469x WeChat Profile application 05/07/2019 1.0
Mobile Apps
Date Version
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android 04/05/2020 3.190.18
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - iOS 04/05/2020 3.200.14
Production Line Tool Kit
Date Version
Production Line Tool documents
Application Notes
Date Version
AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas for Bluetooth Smart 25/06/2020 2.3
AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas: DXF files 04/04/2017 1.0
AN-B-066: Hardware Design Guidelines 13/11/2020 1.5
AN-B-069: DA1469x Booting From Serial Interface 14/02/2019 1.0
AN-B-070: Bluetooth Direct Test Mode 20/04/2020 1.5
White Papers
Date Version
Sensor Node Controller - Powering the future of connected sensors 12/04/2019 Rev. A
Date Version
DA1469x Power Consumption Tutorial 04/02/2020 1.0
DA1469x Secure Boot Tutorial 20/10/2020 1.1
DA1469x Supporting Images Bigger than 512kB 20/06/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial Advertising Concepts 22/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial BLE Custom Service 23/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial External Interruption 22/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial Flash Adapter (Non-Volatile Memory Storage) 21/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial Flash Driver Creation 19/06/2020 2.0
DA1469x Tutorial Flash through JLink GDB server 30/03/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial GPADC Adapter Concepts 21/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial I2C Adapter Concepts 19/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial SPI Adapter Concepts 21/02/2019 1.0
DA1469x Tutorial Starting a Project 23/02/2019 1.0
Hardware Design Collateral
Date Version
DA14695 VFBGA-86 Symbols & footprints 09/04/2020 1.0
DA14697 VFBGA-100 Symbols & footprints 09/04/2019 1.0
Known limitation list
Date Version
DA1469x Errata List 01/02/2019 1.1
FCC, ETSI certifications
Date Version
Declaration of Similarity: DA1469x 17/06/2020 1.0
DA1469x EN 300 328 certification test 26/06/2020 2.2.2
DA1469x EN 300 328 certification test 20/07/2018 2.1.1
DA1469x FCC certification test 20/07/2018 1-6662/18-01-04
BT SIG certifications
Date Version
DA1469x QDID Controller Subsystem 14/07/2020 D050846
DA1469x QDID Host Subsystem 14/07/2020 D050847
RoHS and Reach
Date Version
DA1469x REACH declaration 11/12/2018 1.0
DA1469x RoHS 2 declaration 12/11/2018 1.0
Previous Software Releases
Date Version
DA1469x PLT firmware 16/10/2019 1.2
DA1469x PLT firmware 01/07/2019 1.1
DA1469x SDK10. (Registered users only) 24/04/2019
DA1469x SDK10. Release Note 24/04/2019
DA1469x SDK10.0.6.90 (Registered users only) 27/09/2019
DA1469x SDK10.0.6.90 Release Note 27/09/2019
DA1469x SDK10.0.8.105 17/01/2020 10.0.8
DA1469x SDK10.0.8.105 Release Note 17/01/2020 10.0.8
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.12 for Windows OS 14/03/2020 5.0.12
Date Version
DA1469x SDK10.0.6.88 (Registered users only) 05/08/2019
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 24/10/2019 3.190.16
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 31/10/2017 3.19.14
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 31/10/2017 3.200.10
Low Power Connectivity Software License Agreement
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.10 for Linux OS 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.10 for Windows OS 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.12 for Linux OS 14/03/2020 2.0.12
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.12 for Windows OS 14/03/2020 2.0.12
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.7 for Linux OS 15/02/2019 2.0.7
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.7 for Windows OS 15/02/2019 2.0.7
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.8 for Linux OS 03/04/2019 2.0.8
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.8 for Windows OS 03/04/2019 2.0.8
SmartSnippets Toolbox Release Notes 27/09/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.10 for for Linux OS 02/10/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.10 for Windows OS 02/10/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.12 for for Linux OS 14/03/2020 5.0.12
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.7 for for Linux OS 08/02/2019 5.0.7
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.7 for Windows OS 08/02/2019 5.0.7
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.8 for for Linux OS 03/04/2019 5.0.8
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.8 for Windows OS 03/04/2019 5.0.8


DA1469x Modules Portfolio offering pre-certified systems in a package
Module Key features  
DA14691 / AzureWave AW-CU429
  • DA14691 Bluetooth® LE 5.1 SoC
  • 32Mbit SPI Flash
  • Embedded antenna
  • Single 2.4V – 4.7V power input
  • Stamp module 19.6mm x 15mm x 2.45 mm
  • FCC and ETSI certified
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Buy now

DA14691 Avnet Digikey Mouser
DA14695 Avnet Digikey Mouser
DA14697 Avnet Digikey Mouser
DA14699 Avnet Digikey Mouser


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