DA14683 Development Kit-USB

DA14683 Development Kit-USB

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This USB development kit with onboard Flash gives you all flexibility to develop rechargeable applications like wearables, smart homes or VR controllers with confidence. All of the DA14683’s I/Os are available and mapped on to expansion connectors. A debugger is provided on the PCB which in combination with SmartSnippets™, Dialog’s complete software environment, enables you to program and test your Bluetooth low energy application.


Application notes
Date Version
AN-B-052 DA145Xx/68x Development Kit J-Link Interface 14/02/2017 1.0
PCB libraries
Date Version
DA1468x Development Kit - USB Kit Schematic-, BOM-, Gerber- and Layout Files 28/05/2018 224-46-C
Date Version
DA14683 USB Development Kit Schematic 27/03/2018 224-46-C
Software Resources
Date Version
DA1468x Development Kit - USB Kit Factory Firmware 28/05/2018 1.0
User guides and manuals
Date Version
DA14682/DA14683 USB Kit Getting Started 02/10/2018 1.0
UM-B-094 User Manual: DA14682/DA14683 USB Kit 28/05/2018 1.0

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DA14683 Development Kit-USB
USB: DA14683-00A9DEVKT-U
Digikey Mouser Avnet Silica Avnet US


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