DA14681 - Wearable Development Kit

DA14681 Wearable

Development Kit

The DA14681 Wearable Development Kit is pin to pin compatible with DA14683

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Accelerate your time to market with the SmartBond™ DA14681 Wearable Development Kit

Wearables manufacturers face a highly competitive market. Success depends on delivering the right features, functionality and battery life at the right time. The SmartBond™ DA14681 wearable development kit helps manufacturers maximize their chance of success by minimizing time-to-market and development effort for next-generation mid-range wearables.

The kit comprises a complete hardware and software design for a sports watch offering heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and environmental sensing. It is based on the SmartBond™ DA14681 Wearable-on-Chip™. As a SmartBond™ device, it offers the highest performance, lowest power consumption and smallest footprint. This highly integrated SoC combines flexible processing power for advanced applications, integrated battery charging and banking level security. The kit also features a complete range of sensors plus NFC payment, so manufacturers can start prototyping with no extra hardware.

Offering a user-friendly experience, the kit comes with a complete software package that is specifically designed for wearables.  This includes several royalty-free advanced algorithms for health and fitness applications such as sensor fusion, activity classification, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitor etc. With full documentation and tooling, the kit is easy to set up; allowing developers to get to work straight out of the box.


The Smartbond™ DA14681 wearable development kit is the fast track from prototype to product.
  • Accelerates time to market
  • Enables you to develop next-gen ultra-low power wearable products
  • Complete software and tools set to reduce the difficulty for product development


  • Activity trackers
  • Sport watches


Dialog Wearables Mobile Application will help you to get started with your development


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
SmartBond™ DA14681 Wearable Development Kit 01/03/2016 1.0
Smartbond™ DA14681 系列產品 01/01/2016 1.0
Software Resources
Date Version
Wearable App - Android 03/10/2019 3.230.4
Wearable App - iOS 03/10/2019 3.240.6
DA14681 WRBL v1.150.6 Software Development Kit (Registered users only) 19/07/2017 1.150.6
DA1468x Wearable Dev Kit Hardware Allegro source files 07/04/2017 1.0
DA14681 WRBL SW Release Notes (Registered users only) 07/04/2017 1.0
User guides and manuals
Date Version
UM-B-076 DA14681 Wearable Development Kit Software Manual 17/08/2017 2.1
UM-B-085 DA14681 Wearable Development Kit API 19/07/2017 1.0
White paper_Wearable Solutions 11/04/2017 1.0
DA14681 Wearable Devkit Quick Startup Guide 07/04/2017 1.0
DA1468x Wearable Dev Kit Hardware collateral Main Board 07/04/2017 1.0
DA1468x Wearable Dev Kit Hardware collateral Touch Button Board 07/04/2017 1.0
UM-B-077 DA14681 Wearable Development Kit Hardware Manual 07/04/2017 1.2
White Papers & Technical Articles
Date Version
White paper_Capacitive Touch Solutions for wearable applications 11/04/2017 1.0
Date Version
DA14681 Wearable - Change notice, NFC daughterboard 19/01/2018 1.0

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