DA14585 Voice RCU Development Kit

DA14585 Voice RCU

Development Kit

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The ultimate voice-operated remote control performance with complete design flexibility

Voice-operated remote controls and smart home systems like Google Home and Amazon Echo are growing rapidly in popularity. To be successful, these devices need to deliver high-quality voice transmission in an attractive system at the right price point. Dialog’s flexible SmartBond™ Voice RCU development kit helps manufacturers quickly and easily create cost-effective, highly robust and differentiated voice remote controls for many applications.

The kit comprises a complete hardware and software design for voice-command and gesture-based remote controls. It is based on the SmartBond™ DA14585 – the smallest, lowest power, most integrated Bluetooth® low energy solution to date – with high processing power and generous memory size for system and user functions.

The implemented codec with adaptive bit rate control automatically adjusts the data rate (24-64 kbps) to ensure excellent voice pick up quality under any type of air link conditions. The kit’s robust performance consistently delivers over 90% correct voice command recognition under all tested conditions

The kit supports integration with Google Voice and allows manufacturers to differentiate their products through features like the user interface ranging from simple buttons to a trackpad or “air mouse”. Direct connection for digital microphones via the PDM/I2S interface means no external codec is required, reducing system cost.

The SmartBond™ Voice RCU development kit enables low power products that can deliver impressive range and work from a single or dual cell battery. It provides a flexible route to a comprehensive range of market-leading products.


  • Low latency robust codec using less power and lower cost technology
  • Use less bandwidth in low bit rate mode, an advantage in an interfered environment
  • Sufficient internal memory to allow for bigger audio data buffers to have a more robust link
  • Easy user interface using slider or touchpad interface control


  • Voice Command Remote controls
  • SmartHome systems with voice command support
  • Voice recognition systems using wireless microphones


Dialog Voice RCU Mobile Application will help you to get started with your development


Product Briefs and Summaries
Date Version
DA14585 Voice RCU Product Brief 13/07/2017 1.0
Software Resources
Date Version
DA14585 Voice RCU v_6.140.2.17 (Registered users only) 14/07/2017
User guides and manuals
Date Version
UM-B-086 DA14585 Voice RCU Software Manual 14/07/2017 1.0
UM-B-087 DA14585 Voice RCU Hardware Manual 14/07/2017 1.0
DA14585 Voice RCU Android Mobile App 14/07/2017 3.310.4
DA14585 Voice RCU Hardware Collateral Main Board 14/07/2017 B01
DA14585 Voice RCU Hardware Collateral Trackpad 14/07/2017 A00
DA14585 Voice RCU Quick Start Guide 14/07/2017 1.0
DA14585 Voice RCU SW Release Notes 14/07/2017
White Papers & Technical Articles
Date Version
Voice Commands for Bluetooth Low Energy Remote Controls 01/04/2018 Rev. A

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