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Consumer ASICs

World’s #1 Custom PMIC Supplier

Dialog is a leading supplier of Custom Mixed-Signal Solutions.  We deliver precisely engineered solutions that provide best-in-class performance optimized to space, cost and scheduling constraints. 

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Dialog Semiconductor, a market leader in custom Power Management ICs (PMICs) and Mixed-Signal ASICs, has a proven track record and long history in its close collaboration with industry leaders to deliver customized, high-performance solutions. The company’s exemplary record has resulted in multi-generational partnerships which have firmly established Dialog as a trusted partner of choice.

Integrate to Differentiate

Dialog enables many of the most unique and advanced electronics products on the market today. Its broad, mixed-signal portfolio ranges from advanced power conversion topologies, battery chargers, audio solutions, digital and analog interfaces to linear analog and signal conditioning technologies. Dialog’s digital capabilities include embedded computing as well as memory to empower next generation solutions. Advanced packaging technologies co-developed with the company’s packaging experts and vendor partners continue to deliver leading edge solutions in the mixed-signal market.

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Dialog is now the leading pure play provider of advanced Power Management ICs. This level of success was achieved through absolute attention to detail. Dialog ensures that all IP is proven to perform as designed. Its accumulated library of leading-edge technologies enables Dialog to execute flawlessly and deliver “First Time Right” solutions.

Operational Excellence

Dialog’s long-standing relationships with world-class manufacturing partners for wafer fabrication back-end assembly and test provide access to advanced mixed signal process nodes. Expertise in mixed-signal ASIC design and development from concept to production guarantees the highest levels of quality. Dialog’s unparalleled high-volume production ramp capability (from zero to 80 M units within a quarter) empowers its customers to rapidly deliver new products to market. The internal supply chain team at Dialog has delivered 99%+ on-time-delivery (OTD) while working closely to react to today’s dynamic and volatile market conditions.

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Charge Battery Controller for NiMH Batteries

charger controller block


MOSFET driver with fully integrated charge pump for external N-channel MOSFET 

Supply voltage monitoring (POFF-RESET & START-UP voltage) 

Integrated reference voltage source 

Integrated oscillator & timer 

32 Bit OTP module for trim & operation mode setup 

Charge control logic


Low current consumption

One-chip solution

Less external components needed


Electrical tooth brushes, shavers, hair trimmer 

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