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We are committed to providing our customers with dedicated support to meet your requirements wherever you are in the world.

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Technical support

Customer-dedicated technical engineers, backed by our design engineers, provide worldwide support. Expert advice is always available directly from the support team via e-mail. Depending on your queries you can address: for all non module based digital cordless (including wireless audio) for DECT wireless module solutions for VoIP solutions for DECT Ultra Low Engergy solutions

We also have a number of engineers working directly with regional customers. Our contacts with you provide us with valuable feedback for product improvement. A full range of training programs is available to help you get the best out of our products.

Development boards

A choice of development boards is available to support you in your development process and let you rapidly prototype your designs. Having such tools immediately available reduces time to market as they come complete with all hardware, software and documentation. 

Different choices on modules (CVM, WSM and WAM)

All Dialog’s modules are fully encapsulated Systems in Package (SiP) ICs, which have their own protocol stacks and application interfaces already on board. Designers can therefore develop products without needing an in-depth understanding of the complex DECT, DECT 6.0 or JDECT protocols. The modules are also “type approved” for DECT, DECT 6.0 and JDECT. This helps significantly reduce R&D costs and the need for expensive RF testers can be virtually eliminated.