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Software Tools

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Software tools are as critical to system performance as the hardware

To help speed development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.


Our CR16CKIT-USB-OPTO kit provides the interface between PC-based development tools (in-house and third-party) and Dialog devices mounted in the target system. It supports an opto-isolated interface between USB and the serialized one wire JTAG interface. This allows base stations connected to a line interface to be debugged, tuned or monitored in real-time for example.

Detailed information on specific type numbers can be found on our customer portal or you can contact our sales offices.

Gen2DSP/Gen3DSP development and simulation tools

To assist development of Gen2DSP and Gen3DSP embedded audio applications, we provide the following tools for programming the DSP unit:

Gen2DSP / Gen3DSP block set for Simulink

  • Bit-true models of Gen2DSP algorithms
  • Full audio system simulations

Gen2DSP / Gen3DSP code generator

The MDL2ASM code generator uses the simulated graphical Gen2DSP / Gen3DSP application as input to generate code and data. This can then be integrated directly into the IAR's CR16C software, or the DSP application, generated with the IP Programmer™ toolset.

Function Manager

A Function Manager is also available that allows customers to develop dynamic Gen2DSP and Gen3DSP applications in C. With the Function Manager you can build, manipulate and maintain a list of Gen2DSP / Gen3DSP algorithms, without the need of IP Programmer™ toolset.

Rhea - VoIP software platform

Based on the Linux operating system, our Rhea VoIP software platform features an extensive range of protocol stacks and pre-developed applications. With Rhea, you can efficiently develop and customize robust, interoperable VoIP applications.

Combining Linux with our powerful, cost-effective processors lets you take advantage of the wide array of open-source applications already written for Linux. You can develop new products and enter new markets more quickly and with a lower investment.

Third party tools

iC3000 and iONE Active Emulator™

iSYSTEM's iC3000 ActiveEmulator™ is a universal and adaptable emulator solution while the iONE ActiveEmulator™ is a cost optimized emulator solution. Both these emulators are available for all our CR16c and CR16c+ based processors.

The winIDEA integrated development environment includes project management, integration of all popular compilers / assemblers, make and build, and debugger.

In the iC3000 a credit card-sized adapter provides the interface to the built-in debug hardware of our microcontrollers. In the iONE this interface is hard wired. As JOWI (JTAG One Wire Interface) is used only two wires (ground and JTAG) are needed to debug the application of the target microcontroller.

For more information, please visit

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MIPS Navigator ICS

A completely integrated development environment ( Eclipse based ) for embedded applications fully supports all MIPS based microcontroller cores.  It includes the Code Souircery configurated GNU C/C++ compiler, assembler, librarian,  linker and the GDB source code debugger. The MIPS Navigator ICS comes with a USB to EJTAG coverter box.


MPIIAR Embedded Workbench

A completely integrated development environment (IDE) for embedded applications, IAR Embedded Workbench fully supports CR16C and CR16C+ microcontroller cores. It includes the IAR C / C++ compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, text editor, project manager and C-SPY source code debugger, as well as assembler for the SC144xx DIP and GenDSP co-processors.

IAR's C-SPY debugger also supports the CR16C simulation and hardware debugging of both CR16C and DIP through the NEXUS interface. For more information, visit


IP Programmer™

Target Compiler Technologies offers the IP Programmer™ toolset to implement customer-specific algorithms on the Gen2DSP. This toolset consists of a C compiler (CHESS), a linker (BRIDGE), an assembler and disassembler (DARTS), and an instruction-set simulator and an on-chip debugger (CHECKERS).

CHECKERS offers source-level debugging  via a cycle and bit-accurate simulator model of the Gen2DSP.

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