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Providing the industry-standard Linux Operating System on our 16 and 32-bit processors

Giving you access to an array of open-source applications, this flexibility lets you develop multiple products using the same Dialog chipset. The enables a quick time to market while ensuring your products can always support the latest services and applications.

Create robust VoIP applications

Based on that Linux operating system, our Rhea VoIP software platform features an extensive range of protocol stacks and pre-developed applications. With Rhea, you can efficiently develop and customize robust, interoperable VoIP applications.

Combining Linux with our powerful, cost-effective processors lets you take advantage of the wide array of open-source applications already written for Linux. You can develop new products and enter new markets more quickly and with a lower investment.

Detailed information on specific type numbers can be found on our customer portal or  contact our sales offices.


Our green VoIP processors combine industry-leading power consumption with the flexibility and processing capacity to handle a wealth of enterprise VoIP applications.

Software Tools

Software tools are as critical to embedded system performance as the actual hardware. To help speed development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.

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