Integrated access devices

Integrated Access Devices

The easy way to deliver more

Integrated Access Devices (IADs) offer homes and small to mid-sized enterprises a level of service previously only available to corporate users. These innovative products combine high-quality voice and high-speed data services, providing benefits for end customers and communications providers alike.

Enabling an integrated, flexible voice and data network

For customers, IADs make use of existing infrastructure and are fully compatible with existing voice and data equipment. The network can be easily expanded simply by plugging in additional equipment such as telephones, faxes or PCs.

IADs also allow service providers to expand their offering without having to develop new infrastructure, for faster and lower-cost roll outs. Through full-featured integrated services providers can offer value-added communications to millions of smaller businesses and residential customers. These bundled services are a great way to strengthen the relationship between supplier and customer.

Breaking the barriers between data and voice

Our DECT expertise allows you to create IADs with exceptional voice quality.  We offer a range of ICs, software and reference design solutions for the emerging CAT-iq standard.

CAT-iq was designed to bring telephony and broadband internet together. It provides extra bandwidth for audio, enabling high definition sound quality that is as natural as possible. At the same time it allows a wealth of innovative new features like streaming wireless music and audio or easy access to yellow pages and other public phone books worldwide. The CAT-iq protocol ensures interoperability between devices for ‘plug-and-play' network expansion.

Software Tools

To help speed up development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.


To support our customers and help simplify the process of getting to market with innovative products fast and effectively, we work with a range of technology partners. Each of these partners bring specific hardware and software expertise, offering a more complete reference design.

For added technical support or information on how to buy, contact us directly.

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