Cordless game controllers

Cordless Game Controllers

Interference prevention and quality audio

We offer cordless game controller solutions for many exciting products on the market today, backed up by development support including application notes, demonstration boards and reference designs.

Cordless game controllers

We work with leading gaming companies to develop console and game pads that allowing users to enjoy a wireless gaming experience comparable to the speed and reliability of a wired game pad, while eliminating the clutter of cables. Our baseband chips include all digital and analog interfaces, including USB and the integrated battery management supports both standard and rechargeable batteries.

The Xbox 360 wireless interface solution uses a Dialog base module integrated into the Xbox 360 console. It connects up to four wireless game pads (including voice and data for each connection). Linking up via Ethernet/WLAN allows wireless multi-player gaming in combination with real-time data.

Software Tools

To help speed up development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.


To support our customers and help simplify the process of getting to market with innovative products fast and effectively, we work with a range of technology partners. Each of these partners bring specific hardware and software expertise, offering a more complete reference design.

For added technical support or information on how to buy, contact us directly.

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