Found at the heart of many of today's wireless applications.

From crystal clear cordless telephony through to highly responsive gaming controllers and home automation. For further information select the individual application areas below.

  • We offer cordless game controller solutions for many exciting products on the market today, backed up by development support including application notes, demonstration boards and reference designs.
  • To develop digital cordless telephones and other cordless applications, we offer our customers ICs and software source code which cover virtually all digital cordless frequencies and standards in the world.
  • IADs offer homes and small to mid-sized enterprises innovative products that combine high-quality voice and high-speed data services, providing benefits for end customers and communications providers alike.

Software Tools

To help speed up development and implementation, we offer a number of dedicated propriety tools.


To support our customers and help simplify the process of getting to market with innovative products fast and effectively, we work with a range of technology partners. Each of these partners bring specific hardware and software expertise, offering a more complete reference design.

For added technical support or information on how to buy, contact us directly.

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