FCF500: Front-end IC for Sigfox and Lora

Front-end IC for Sigfox and Lora


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FCF500 is primarily designed for a TDD-mode RF front-end operated in the 800/900MHz frequency bands. FCF500 integrates a linear PA, LNA, Transmit and Receive switching circuitry and associated matching networks all in a CMOS single-chip device.

FCF500 provides superior output power, high power efficiency at Tx part and low noise figure , small current consumption at Rx part . FCF500 can used for multiple applications in the sub-GHz bands from 850 to 950MHz.

FCF500 is manufactured with a CMOS process, and is packaged in a lead-free small package, named 3.0mm x 3.0mm QFN and this chipset requires minimal external components including the power supply bypass capacitors.


  • Frequency Range: UHF 850~950MHz
  • RX NF: 2.0dB
  • RX current: 10mA
  • TX Psat: +24.5dBm
  • TX current @ 23dBm: 145mA
  • Size: 16-pins QFN : 3.0mm × 3.0mm × 0.55mm


  • Front-end IC (Power Amplifier + Low Noise Amplifier) for Sigfox and Lora

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