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FC8080: RF + BB SoC for T-DMB

Mobile TV: RF + BB SoC for T-DMB


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The FCI FC8080 chip is a highly integrated device for terrestrial digital multimedia Broadcasting. FC8080 has all of the performance needed to enable the full range of T-DMB application. It consists of two main blocks, RF tuner and channel decoder.

RF block supports single-band (Band-III). It is a highly integrated component working with a single 1.2V power supply. Because direct-conversion architecture is used in RF block, additional components such as bulky IF SAW filter and other IF matching components are no longer required. For the direct-conversion, it has low noise fractional-N type frequency synthesizer and VCO. RF block contains LNA, down-conversion mixer, channel selection filter (CSF), and LO distribution network for Band-3.

Baseband block is a integrated circuit provides channel decoder for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting(DMB) signals based on ETS 300 401 (EUREKA-147). It is also in compliance with the function of Korea DAB/DMB (TTAS.KO -07.0024 and TTAS.KO-07.0026) standard. It contains 10-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) for IF input, OFDM demodulator, Reed Solomon decoder and convolutional de-interleaver for providing forward error correcting. For Audio data, It uses MPEG I/II Layer II (MUSICAM) algorithm. It provides EBI2 LCD Interface of Qualcomm QSC series modem chip, SPI and I2C as a HOST interface. When it is used I2C as host interface, serial TS interface is supported for data transmission also.


  • Highly integrated digital device for DAB receiver (Eureka 147)
  • Korea DAB/DMB (TTAS.KO -07.0024 and TTAS.KO-07.0026) standard compliant
  • DAB OFDM channel demodulator and decoder
    • Fully integrated, supports all DAB functions and modes (I, II, III and IV)
    • Mode Detection (AMD)
    • Full data rate of 1.8Mbit can be decoded
    • Automatic frame and time synchronization and fast channel re-acquisition
    • Digital AGC with a wide gain control range
    • Demodulation and decoding of up to 64 sub-channels (UEP/EEP) TII decoder
    • Automatic multiplex re-configuration
  • Integrated high-density SRAM supporting time and frequency de-interleaving
    • Simple memory concept. Do not require external memory for DAB operation
  • Interfaces
    • Parallel Host Interface
      • 3-bit control pins, 4-bit data bus, it is compatible with Qualcomm QSC series modem chip.
    • Serial Host Interface
      • SPI : up to 38.4MHz
      • I2C : up to 1.0MHz for control and up to 38.4MHz serial TS interface for data
    • Support max. 4 services (audio, video and data stream) of Data service
    • MPEG-2 Serial-TS output
      • Various TS clock : 1.024 ~ 38.4MHz
    • Be able to decode 2 video data with RS encoded stream
    • Automatically internal hardware reset drive without external reset pin


  • Electrical Characteristics
    • Embedded LDO for Power
    • Supply voltages : 1.2V for core and 1.8/2.5/3.3V for I/O
    • Low Power consumption : 20 mA typical @core 1.2V
    • Various power consumption management devices for this application
    • Zero IF support
    • Support various external clock
    • Band Frequency
      • Band-III : 170 ~ 215 MHz
    • Sensitivity : -104.5 dBm
      • Noise Figure : 2.7 dB
      • Adjacent Channel Sensitivity : 50 dB typical
      • Far Off Sensitivity : 55 dB typical


  • RF + BB SoC for T-DMB
25 Pin WLCSP package with 2.14x2.09 mm2
32 Pin QFN package with 4x4 mm2

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