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FC8300: RF + BB SoC for ISDB-T 1-seg/Full-seg, ISDB-T sb with Diversity support

Mobile TV: RF + BB SoC for ISDB-T 1-seg/Full-seg with Diversity support


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FC8300 is a highly integrated RF and Demodulator chip for receiving digital broadcasts such as ISDB-T 1- Seg, 3-Seg, ISDB-Tmm, ISDB-T Full Seg, and ISDB-Tsb. FC8300 is a single-die implementation of FCI’s proprietary RF and demodulator with outstanding in-door and mobility performances. It provides good sensitivity and immunity to interference with low power consumption mostly suitable for mobile phone and many other portable devices.




  • Built-in Inter Carrier Interference Canceller (ICIC).
  • Built-in continues controllable FFT window position control circuit.
  • Built-in co - channel interference suppressing circuit for Analog TV. Built-in Status monitor: C/N, error rate, constellation.
  • Embedded MULTI-2 Descrambler for B-CAS(ARIB-B25)
  • Supports Diversity Functions(Up to 4 diversity)


  • Supports AC carrier Demodulation for Emergency Broadcasting Supports 8 GPIO ports1
  • Interrupt signal output
  • High-speed channel switching and High-speed channel search available.

1 FC8300 has 8pins which can be used for GPIO function in a particular case The available number of GPIO interface depends on system construction


  • Mobile phone
  • PMP
  • Laptop/USB dongle
  • Navigation
62-balls WLCSP 1 : 3.4mm × 3.3mm × 0.63(max)
62-balls WLCSP 2 : 3.4mm × 3.3mm × 0.38(max)
62–balls BGA : 5.0mm × 5.0mm × 0.90(max)

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