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FC8180: RF + BB SoC for ISDB-T 1-seg

Mobile TV: RF + BB SoC for ISDB-T 1-seg


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FC8180 is a highly integrated RF and Demodulator chip for receiving digital broadcast such as ISDB-T 1-Seg. FC8180 is a single-die implementation of FCI’s proprietary RF and demodulator with outstanding in-door and mobility performances. It provides good sensitivity and immunity to interference with low power consumption mostly suitable for mobile phone and many other portable devices.




  • Supported Broadcast System: 1 segment reception of ISDB-T (B31)
  • Reception frequency: UHF 470~809MHz
  • Ext Input Clock: Supported External Crystal/Osc Clock(MHz) : 16.0 ~ 38.4MHz
    Recommended Clock(MHz) : 19.2, 24.0, 26.0, 32.0, 37.2


  • Interface: Control Path : SPI, I2C, EBI2-LCD
    Data Path : SPI, TSIF(Serial), EBI2-LCD
  • Power supply: Recommended Supply Voltage : Core:1.2V/ I/O:1.8V,2.5V,3.3V /LDO:1.8V~3.3V
  • Size: 24-balls WLCSP(FC8180) : 2.160mm × 2.097mm × 0.618 (max), Pitch: 0.4mm


  • Mobile phone
  • PMP
  • Laptop/USB dongle
  • Navigation
24-balls WLCSP(FC8180) : 2.160mm × 2.097mm × 0.618 (max), Pitch: 0.4mm

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