DA14580 Development Kit – Pro / HomeKit

DA14580 Development Kit Pro / HomeKit

Accelerate your development of smart home accessories based on Apple’s HomeKit framework

The DA14580 Development Kit - Pro / HomeKit accelerates your development of smart home accessories based on Apple’s HomeKit framework. It will help you to create accessories with the fastest response times, creating the best possible user experience. Initial pairing set up takes 4.5 seconds and pair-verify, which occurs whenever an iOS device issues a command, takes only 250ms. The kit features a power profiler for power-optimized coding and Dialog’s SmartSnippets™ software development environment.

SmartBond™: power, size and system cost without compromise


  • Bluetooth low energy motherboard with QFN40 daughterboard
  • Security co-processor daughterboard
  • Mini USB cable
  • CR2032 battery

Ordering information

  • Ordering number: DA14580DEVKT-P/HK


Product Briefs and Summaries


Smartbond DA14580 and DA14583

Giving designers freedom to increase battery lifetimes, create smaller form factors than ever before, and reduce system cost.

Reference Designs

To speed up your time to market and reduce your development effort and cost, Dialog offers you various reference designs for different applications.

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