Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness


Fit for purpose

People from all walks of life – from sports professionals to those looking to lose a few kilos – are enjoying the benefits of electronic aids to help them meet their health and fitness goals. 
At the same time, the application range is broadening. And Bluetooth® low energy has established itself as the preferred communication standard for them all.

Enhancing personal performance

From weigh scales to activity trackers and sports watches, a growing number of applications are reaching an expanding user base. Whether consumer gadgets or sophisticated sports computers, these devices register data such as heart rate, power output and other parameters to your smart phone or computer. So they are ready for you to view and analyze, and share with friends or competitors via the cloud.


Our health and fitness solution

System size and battery lifetime are key differentiators, making our SmartBond™ family the perfect choice for realizing the Bluetooth low energy functionality. Take our flagship DA1468x family. Impressive processing power combines with strong data encryption to provide enhanced analysis and secure data delivery. Advanced power management ensures high performance with minimal power usage. Meanwhile the DA14580 and DA14583 are ideal for applications at the lower end of the price spectrum or where onboard encryption is less important such as weigh scales. Both solutions lead the field in enabling smaller batteries and system size.


Smartbond™ family

Giving designers freedom to increase battery lifetimes, create smaller form factors than ever before, and reduce system cost.

Development Tools

Our SmartBond™ products are supported by development kits and our SmartSnippets™ Bluetooth software platform to help you while you easily develop and add your own custom profiles as needed.

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