Wireless Mouse

Wireless Mouse

Reference Designs

Dialog’s Bluetooth low energy wireless mouse reference design is built on its world-leading DA14580 Bluetooth low energy device. The design takes advantage of the DA14580’s capabilities to give excellent battery lifetime and a low Bill of Materials (BoM).

The reference design includes all necessary hardware, software and documentation to design a mouse, guaranteeing fastest time-to-market with minimal development investment and effort.

The software is provided in source code and offers wide flexibility to customize the mouse and wireless connection parameters according the application’s needs.


  • Laser optical sensor with resolution up to 3200cpi and multi-stage power management for optimal performance with minimal power consumption
  • Full range of mouse buttons (Left, Right, Middle) and precise mouse scroll wheel navigation
  • Fast response to key events
  • Simultaneous key-press
  • Highly integrated design, allows for very low external components count (BoM.
  • Powers from a single AA alkaline or NiMH battery
  • Double the battery lifetime of current available solutions


  • EEPROM functionality for storing link keys
  • Supports connection to multiple hosts
  • All key parameters are SW customizable
  • Programmable time to enter deep-sleep when in inactivity
  • Wake-up from deep-sleep on any key event or mouse movement
  • Interoperability with all major operating systems: Win 8.1, iOS7 and Android 4.3 and beyond
  • WHQL certifiable


Wireless Mouse Design Pack:

  • Schematics, BOM, Layout info
  • User manual
  • Validation report
  • Application source code

These deliverables are available on our customer support website.

Smartbond™ family

Giving designers freedom to increase battery lifetimes, create smaller form factors than ever before, and reduce system cost.

Development Tools

Our SmartBond™ products are supported by development kits and our SmartSnippets™ Bluetooth software platform to help you while you easily develop and add your own custom profiles as needed.

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