Wireless Keyboard

Wireless Keyboard

Reference Designs

Dialog’s Bluetooth low energy wireless keyboard reference design is built on its world-leading DA14580 Bluetooth low energy chip and takes advantages of the chip’s capabilities to push the boundaries of wireless keyboard battery lifetime longevity and Bill of Materials (BoM).

The reference design includes all necessary hardware, software and documentation to design a keyboard guaranteeing fastest time-to-market with minimal development investment and effort.
The software is provided in source code and offers all of the flexibility to customize the keyboard and wireless connection parameters according to your application’s needs.


  • 109-key keyboard with numeric keypad and function keys
  • 2 LEDs for connection status and low battery indication
  • Lowest BoM
  • Powers from a single AAA alkaline or NiMH battery
  • Minimal external component count with only 16 passive components required for the complete keyboard system
  • Double the battery lifetime of current available solutions with less than 5 mA peak current consumption in active mode and less than 600 nA in stand-by
  • Programmable  connection interval and slave latency
  • Multi-key press detection


  • 6-key simultaneous press reporting
  • De-ghosting (for multiple key combinations)
  • Wake-up from deep sleep with any key press
  • Supports connection to multiple hosts
  • Programmable deep sleep entry time
  • All key parameters are SW customizable
  • Interoperability with all major operating systems: Win 8.1, iOS7 and Android 4.3 and beyond
  • WHQL certifiable


These deliverables are available on our customer support website.

  • Wireless keyboard
  • Schematics, BOM, Layout info
  • User manual
  • Validation report
  • Application source code

Smartbond™ family

Giving designers freedom to increase battery lifetimes, create smaller form factors than ever before, and reduce system cost.

Development Tools

Our SmartBond™ products are supported by development kits and our SmartSnippets™ Bluetooth software platform to help you while you easily develop and add your own custom profiles as needed.

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