Proximity Tag

Proximity Tag

Reference Designs

With the advent of crowd-sourced GPS, proximity tags are increasing in popularity as an practical way to keep track of devices and things we own. The SmartTag reference design was developed to provide manufacturers a fast-track to their development thereby speeding time-to-market while reducing development effort and cost.

The SmartTag reference design offers all the required functionality including a LED and buzzer to provide visual and audible signal link-loss or find-me alerts, as well as a push button to silence the alarm. The design also supports SW over the air updates (OTA) to provide an easy way to upgrade devices that are in the field with the latest improvements. Furthermore, as the SmartTag reference hardware is built on Dialog’s best-in-class Bluetooth low energy device, the DA14580, it offers world-leading battery lifetime, a low Bill of Materials and enables miniature industrial designs of the proximity tags.


  • 1 Button for alarm silencing
  • 1 LED for indicating
    • Immediate alarm
    • Link loss alarm
    • Battery status
  • 1 Buzzer for indicating
    • Link loss alert
    • Immediate alert


  • Lowest BoM
    • Single-chip solution runs both the application and the Bluetooth stack
    • Powers from a single CR2032 battery
    • Minimal external component count with only 5 passive components required for the tag’s core system
    • No 32kHz XTAL needed on the system
  • Double the battery lifetime of current available solutions with less than 5mA peak current consumption in active mode and less than 600nA in stand-by


  • Smart Tag
  • Schematics, BOM, lay out info
  • User manual
  • Test report
  • Source code
  • SmartTags app source code

These deliverables are available on our customer support website.

Supported app: SmartTags

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Proximity App

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