Indoor Light Powered Beacon

Indoor Light Powered Beacon

Reference Designs

Dialog’s Bluetooth low energy indoor light powered Beacon reference design is the ideal solution for situations where it is not possible to change batteries periodically thereby avoiding costs and hassle. Built on its world-leading DA14580 Bluetooth low energy chip, the beacon has a miniature 25 x 25 mm Photovoltaic panel which allows it to operate at low indoor light intensities of 200-500 lux. The reference design also integrates a rechargeable Cymbet chip battery which will keep it running for 2 hours in dark conditions. The average power consumption of the beacon is 50 uW.


  • Full Beacon operation in low indoor light
  • No battery or external power required
  • Up to 3 connections/sec at 200-500 Lux
  • Operates for 2 hours in darkness
  • 50 hours in standby


  • Fully recharged in 2 hours of indoor light
  • Beacon application can be customised using comprehensive software tool chain
  • Lowest BoM  - Single-chip runs the application and the Bluetooth software stack from on-chip memory


  • Beacon
  • Schematics, BOM, lay out info
  • Source code
  • User manual

These deliverables are available on our customer support website.

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