Reference Designs

If you’re looking at adding motion detection to your design, Dialog’s Bluetooth low energy Dice is a great starting point. This reference design combines Dialog’s world leading DA14580 Bluetooth low energy chip with a low power accelerometer enabling it to detect motion and direction. The dice can detect it is being picked, thrown and which direction it ends up in after a throw, communicating this results to the SmartDice smartphone app. All of this functionality fits on 12 x 12 mm printed circuit board and operates from a single CR1220 battery which can power the dice for a whole year. The reference design includes a complete documentation package and SW source code for both, the application running on the DA14580 as well as that on the Smartphone.

Hardware features

  • Small size
  • Low power
  • Low cost

Software features

  • Shake-to-wake
  • Auto-detects dice throw
  • Communicated dice throw result to SmartDice smartphone app


  • Dice
  • Schematics, BOM, Lay out info
  • Source code
  • User manual

These deliverables are available on our customer support website.

Supported app: SmartDice


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