DA14580 Development Kit - Expert

DA14580 Development Kit - Expert

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The development kit Expert is ideal for RF performance evaluation and consists of a starter kit and a daughterboard kit. The starter kit contains the motherboard that can be combined with one of several daughterboards depending on the targeted DA14580 package (WL-CSP34, QFN40 or QFN48).

This kit comes with a SMA connector which enables you to perform a complete RF evaluation. Additionally, dedicated circuitry allows you, in combination with our complete software environment SmartSnippets™, to profile and fine tune the power consumption of your application to get the most out of the DA14580’s advantages.

SmartBond™: power, size and system cost without compromise

Starter Kit

  • Bluetooth low energy motherboard with interfaces and debug lines
  • Bluetooth low energy USB Dongle
  • Segger debugger with USB cable and target cable
  • AAA battery
  • CR2032 battery
  • USB cable 
  • Antenna
  • Quick starting guide

Daughterboard Kits

The daughterboard kits to fit the starter kit are available as follows:

  • 3x WL-CSP34   
  • 3x QFN40 
  • 3x QFN48

Ordering Codes

  • Motherboard: DA14580DEVKT 
  • Daughterboard WL-CSP34: DA14580UNDB
  • Daughterboard QFN40: DA14580ATDB
  • Daughterboard QFN48: DA14580A3DB

Smartbond™ DA14580

Giving designers freedom to increase battery lifetimes, create smaller form factors than ever before, and reduce system cost.

Reference Designs

To speed up your time to market and reduce your development effort and cost, Dialog offers you various reference designs for different applications.

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