SmartBond™ DA14585 and DA14586

SmartBond™ DA14585 and DA14586

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SmartBond 5.0: smarter, more flexible, and even lower power

Connected devices are constantly evolving. New generations appear that are smarter, more full featured and have longer battery lifetimes. To enable this, SmartBond has evolved too. The DA14585 and DA14586 offer designers all the benefits of the industry-leading DA14580 but with even greater flexibility to create more advanced applications from the smallest footprints and power budgets.

As part of the Dialog SmartBond family, the DA14585&6 are the smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth® solutions available. This versatile SoC’s are ideal for adding Bluetooth low energy to products like remote controls, proximity tags, beacons, connected medical devices and smart home nodes. It supports all Bluetooth developments up to and including Bluetooth 5 and Bluetooth low energy Mesh. Plus, with 96 kB of RAM, the DA14585&6 have double the memory for user applications of its predecessor to take full advantage of the standard’s features. It also includes an integrated microphone interface for voice support at low additional cost. The wide supply voltage range (0.9 –3.6 V) covering a larger choice of energy sources and gives full design flexibility.

SmartBond™ DA14586 combines the benefits of the lowest power, smallest size and lowest system cost Bluetooth low energy System-on-Chip with an integrated flash. Furthermore the DA14586 is pin to pin compatible with the DA14585 thereby offering a unique cost down path from flash to OTP.

Like all SmartBond solutions, the DA14585&6 are easy to design-in and supports standalone as well as hosted applications. It is supported by a complete development environment and Dialog’s SmartSnippets™ software that helps you optimize your software for power consumption.


  • Complies to the Bluetooth 5 core specification
  • Integrated One-Time-Programmable memory
  • 2 Mb Flash (DA14586)
  • Extended user RAM (96 kB)
  • Low operating voltage (1.8 V to 3.6 V)
  • I2C and PDM audio interfaces


  • Large memory to build complex applications
  • Longest battery life
  • Suitable for Bluetooth Mesh
  • Low system Bill of Materials


  • Remote controls
  • Proximity tags and trackers
  • Beacons
  • Connected medical devices
  • Smart home
  • Human Interface Devices
  • VR controllers
  • Connected sensors
  • Wireless charging
QFN40, 5 x 5 x 0.9 mm
WLCSP34, 2.4 x 2.66 x 0.39 mm

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Development Kits and Reference Designs

Hardware Development Kits based on DA14585 and DA14586
DA14585 Development Kit – Basic
DA14585 Development Kit – Pro
Hardware Application focused Development Kits based on DA14585 and DA14586
DA14585 Voice RCU Development Kit
DA14585 IoT Multi Sensor Development Kit
Reference designs based on DA14585 and DA14586
DA14585 Range Extender
DA14585 Tile Reference Design


Date Version
DA14585 Datasheet 15/10/2018 3.3
DA14585 datasheet for High temperatures 06/12/2018 3.2
DA14586 Datasheet 15/01/2018 3.3
Product Brief
Date Version
SmartBond™ DA14585 Product Brief 01/01/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA14585 Product Brief Simplified Chinese 01/01/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA14586 Product Brief 01/01/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA14586 Product Brief Simplified Chinese 01/01/2016 1.0
SmartBond™ DA1458x 系列产品 22/06/2017 1.0
SmartBond™ DA1458x 系列產品 22/06/2017 1.0
SmartBond™ DA1458x 製品ファミリ 22/06/2017 1.0
Date Version
SDK_6.0.12.1020.2 for DA14531 and DA14585/6 [Including SDK APIs Documentation] (Registered users only) 12/12/2019
SW-B-002 DA14531 SDK Release Notes v. 12/12/2019
SDK User Manual
Date Version
UM-B-049 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the PRO-Development Kit (HTML) 02/11/2018 2.1
UM-B-049 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the PRO-Development Kit (PDF) 02/11/2018 2.1
UM-B-118: DA14585-DA14531 SDK Porting Guide 04/11/2019 1.0
UM-B-119: DA14585-DA14531 SW Platform Reference 04/11/2019 1.0
Development Tools
Date Version
SmartSnippets Studio Release Notes 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.10 for Linux OS 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.10 for Windows OS 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.10 for for Linux OS 02/10/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.10 for Windows OS 02/10/2019 5.0.10
UM-B-083 SmartSnippets Toolbox User Manual (HTML) 03/04/2019 5.0.8
UM-B-057 SmartSnippets Studio User Manual 20/09/2019 2.0.10
Software Applications & Examples
Date Version
Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS)
SmartBond™ - CodeLess AT Commands
Software Application & Examples: Setup using Python Script
Date Version
SW Example: DA1458x Example Setup 17/09/2018 1.0
Software Applications & Examples: Peripheral Drivers/Adapters
Date Version
DA14585/DA14586 DMA example using SPI 07/01/2019 1.0
SW Example: Simple button 18/09/2018 1.0
SW Example: DA14585/586 Detect the Source of the Reset 07/06/2019 1.0
Software Applications & Examples: Bluetooth
Date Version
1Wire using DS18B20 temperature sensors 15/10/2018 1.0
Active Scanner 18/09/2018 1.0
BLE Central Security Demo Project 27/11/2018 1.0
BLE Erratum 10734 - security vulnerability 18/09/2018 1.0
Changing advertising parameters using GPIO interrupts and/or timers 31/10/2018 1.0
DA14585/586 Button Press with Wakeup from Sleep 03/04/2019 1.0
DA14585/DA14586 Scan Tracking peripheral 21/12/2018 1.0
DA14585_DA14586 IR Remote Demo 11/01/2019 1.0
FDC2112 Capacitance sensor demo 12/09/2019 1.0
MCP9808 temperature sensors to BLE 15/10/2018 1.0
Reading out an I2C accelerometer and sending notification data 27/11/2018 1.0
Simple beacon 15/10/2018 1.0
Burst Advertising with Bluetooth LE 20/05/2019 1.0
DA14585/586 interface with mCube Accelerometer over I2C 06/06/2019 1.0
Mobile Apps
Date Version
Dialog DSPS- Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 29/01/2020 3.210.8
Dialog DSPS- Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 29/10/2019 3.220.6
Dialog SmartTags - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 24/10/2019 3.270.6
Dialog SmartTags - Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 23/10/2019 3.280.6
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 24/10/2019 3.190.16
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 29/10/2019 3.200.12
Dialog Voice RCU - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 24/10/2019 3.310.6
Production Line Tool Kit
Date Version
Production Line Tool documents
Application Notes
Date Version
AN-B-007 DA1458x Bluetooth Direct Test Mode 02/04/2017 1.2
AN-B-010 DA14580 using SUOTA (Software Update Over The Air) 02/12/2016 1.2
AN-B-021 DA1458x WLCSP Light Sensitivity 22/02/2017 1.2
AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas for Bluetooth Smart 22/02/2017 2.2
AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas: DXF files 04/04/2017 1.0
AN-B-054: DA14585/586 Application Hardware Design Guidelines 18/05/2018 1.2
AN-B-055: DA14585 interfacing with external memory 14/01/2020 1.4
White Papers
Date Version
Voice Commands for Bluetooth Low Energy Remote Controls 01/04/2018 Rev. A
Date Version
BLE Advertising Tutorial (HTML) 25/10/2019 1.0
Getting Started with SDK6 (HTML) 18/01/2020 1.0
Tutorial 2: Custom profile example 03/04/2019 1.2
Tutorial 3: Custom profile gatt cmd example 03/04/2019 1.2
Tutorial 4: Sleep modes current measurement 27/03/2017 1.0
Tutorial 5: BLE security example 27/03/2017 1.2
Tutorial 6 : SUOTA TOOL ZIP FILE (Registered users only) 24/05/2018 1.0
Tutorial 6: SUOTA example for DA14585/6 24/05/2018 1.1
Tutorial 7: DA1458x prototype bring up guide 03/02/2017 1.2
Tutorial 8: Debugging methods 27/03/2017 1.1
Tutorial :How to change the RAM size to reduce power consumption in extended sleep mode For The DA14 17/08/2018 1.0
Known limitation list
Date Version
DA1458x Hardware Known Limitations 19/01/2018 1.0
FCC, ETSI certifications
Date Version
DA14585 EN 300 328 certification test report 18/08/2017 1.0
DA14585, 586 Declaration of Similarity 23/07/2018 1.0
BT SIG certifications
Date Version
DA14585-DA14586 QDID Controller Subsystem 14/02/2017 D034285
DA14585-DA14586 QDID Host Subsystem 14/02/2017 D034283
RoHS and Reach
Date Version
DA1458x REACH declaration 22/05/2018 1.0
DA1458x RoHS 2 declaration 22/05/2018 1.0
Ref. Design and Dev. Kit Documentation
Date Version
DA14585 IOT Multi-Sensor Kit Product Brief (Chinese) 01/01/2018 1.0
Release Notes DA1458x DA1468x PLT v4.2 24/10/2017 PLT v4.2
SmartBond DA14585 IoT Multi-Sensor Development Kit Product Brief 26/06/2018 1.0
UM-B-041 : User Manual DA1458x/68x Production Line Tool HW and GUI 24/10/2017 V4.2 LEGACY
UM-B-041 : User Manual DA1458x/68x Production Line Tool HW and GUI 09/08/2018 V4.3
UM-B-089 User manual DA14585 Range Extender Reference Application 01/08/2019 1.1
Date Version
DA14585/6_Software_Release_Notes_v6.0.10 02/08/2018 6.0.10
DA14585/6_Software_Release_Notes_v6.0.8 (Registered users only) 21/05/2018 6.0.8
Dialog SmartTags - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 03/04/2017 3.270
Dialog SmartTags - Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 03/04/2017 3.280
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 31/10/2017 3.19.14
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 31/10/2017 3.200.10
Low Power Connectivity Software License Agreement
SDK6.0.10 for DA14585/6 (Registered users only) 02/08/2018 6.0.10
SDK6.0.8 for DA14585/6 (Registered users only) 21/05/2018 6.0.8
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.7 for Linux OS 15/02/2019 2.0.7
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.7 for Windows OS 15/02/2019 2.0.7
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.8 for Linux OS 03/04/2019 2.0.8
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.8 for Windows OS 03/04/2019 2.0.8
SmartSnippets Toolbox Release Notes 27/09/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.7 for for Linux OS 08/02/2019 5.0.7
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.7 for Windows OS 08/02/2019 5.0.7
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.8 for for Linux OS 03/04/2019 5.0.8
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.8 for Windows OS 03/04/2019 5.0.8
UM-B-012 DA14580/581/583 Creation of a secondary boot loader 24/08/2016 3.2
UM-B-079 DA14585 & DA14586 Software Platform Reference (SDK 6.0.8) 21/05/2018 5.0
UM-B-080 DA14585 & DA14586 Software Developer's Guide (SDK 6.0.8) 10/11/2017 5.0
UM-B-082: DA14585 & DA14586 SDK6 Porting Guide 21/05/2018 4.0


DA14585 Modules Portfolio offering pre-certified systems in a package
Module Key features  
AzureWave AW-CU362
  • DA14585 BLE5.0 SoC
  • 1Mbit SPI Flash
  • Embedded antenna
Inventek ISM14585-L35
  • DA14585 BLE5.0 SoC
  • Up to 8Mbit SPI Flash on board
  • Optional SkyWorks PA on board for increased TX power
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