Smartbond™ DA14583

SmartBond™ DA14583

Lowest power and smallest size system-on-chip with integrated flash

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The most flexible and lowest power Bluetooth® low energy solution

SmartBond™ DA14583 combines the benefits of the lowest power, smallest size and lowest system cost Bluetooth® low energy System-on-Chip with an integrated flash. This new product offers customers the flexibility of software upgrades over the air (OTA) enabling them to keep their devices up-to-date in the field. Furthermore, the DA14583 is pin to pin compatible with the DA14580 thereby offering a unique cost down path from flash to OTP.


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Cortex M0 application processor
  • 1 Mb Flash
  • Power supply 2.35 -3.3 V
  • Single pin RF I/O
  • Rich set of analog and digital peripherals
  • Supporting software upgrades Over-The-Air (OTA)


  • Based on the same outstanding DA14580 SoC: lowest power, smallest size, lowest system cost
  • Flexible: products can be upgraded in the field
  • Data retention, even on depleted battery


  • Applications requiring software upgrade Over The Air (OTA)
QFN40, 5 x 5 x 0.9 mm

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