SmartBond Tiny DA14530 and DA14531

SmartBond TINY™

DA14530 and DA14531

The world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth 5.1 System-on-Chip

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The SmartBond TINY DA14530 and DA14531 is the Bluetooth® low energy solution to power the next 1 billion IoT devices

SmartBond TINY, the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth 5.1 System-on-Chip, brings down the cost of adding Bluetooth low energy in any system to $0.50 in high volumes.

This awesome combination takes mobile connectivity to places previously out of reach, triggering a wave of a billion IoT devices, all with SmartBond TINY at the heart.

The low system cost is achieved through the high level of integration in SmartBond TINY: a complete Bluetooth low energy system can be achieved with the addition of 6 tiny external passives, a crystal and power source. And to lower the barrier of entry, SmartBond TINY will also be available in an easy-to-use tiny module incorporating all the needed components, making the addition of Bluetooth low energy to any application a simple drop-in.

Record low hibernation and active power consumption ensure long operating and shelf life with even the tiniest, disposable batteries. Based on a powerful 32-bit arm Cortex M0+ with integrated memories and a complete set of analog and digital peripherals, SmartBond TINY is extremely power efficient, delivering a record score of 18300 on the latest EEMBC benchmark for IoT connectivity, IoTMark™. Available in a tiny 2.0 x 1.7 mm package, the DA14531 is half the size of its predecessor, or any offering from other leading manufacturers. And it is complemented by a flexible SDK supporting major compilers such as Keil and GCC out of the box. The DA14530 is pin for pin compatible with DA14531 in a 2.2x3.0mm FCGQFN24 package and provides cost savings by operating from an internal LDO, eliminating the cost of a DC-DC inductor.

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  • Future proof, compliant with Bluetooth 5.1 (core)
  • Optimized for disposable products in connected health, connected consumer
    • Designed to work with disposable, even printed batteries
    • Works well with smallest capacity batteries, <<30mAh
    • Supports multiple years of shelf life
    • Inrush current can be limited for disposable batteries with high internal resistance
    • Package design allows for low cost manufacturing with smallest possible footprint


  • Only requiring a single 32MHz crystal
  • In bypass mode no DC-DC inductor required
  • No boost converter required when working with 1.5V batteries
  • Production Line Tool for accelerated production ramp up, resulting in faster time to market and shortest production test time per device


  • Connected consumer:
    Beacons, Smart labels, Remote controls, Proximity tags, Connected watches, Stylus pens, Mouse, Toys, Low power sensors, Bluetooth LE add on “BLE pipe” to existing applications
  • Connected health:
    Connected injectors, Inhalers, Glucose monitors, Smart patches, Blood pressure meters, Thermometers
  • Automotive:
    Tire Pressure, Monitoring Systems and low power wireless sensors
FCGQFN24, 2.2x3x0.4
WLCSP17, 1.7x2.05x0.5

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Hardware Development Kits based on DA14531
Development Kit – USB
Development Kit – Pro

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Date Version
AN-B-088: DA145xx Flash Selector Guide 12/11/2020 1.1
DA14530 datasheet 16/03/2020 3.0
DA14531 Datasheet 09/07/2020 3.1
Product Brief
Date Version
DA14531 SmartBond TINY Product Brief 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531 Smartbond Tiny Product Brief (Chinese) 04/11/2019 1.0
Date Version
SDK6.0.14.1114 for DA14531 and DA14585/6 (Registered users only) 29/04/2020 SDK6.0.14.1114
SDK_6.0.14.1114_hotfix_001 (Registered users only) 15/07/2020 SDK_6.0.14.1114_hotfix_001
SW-B-002 DA14531 SDK Release Notes v. (Registered users only) 29/04/2020 SDK6.0.14.1114
SDK User Manual
Date Version
UM-B-117: DA14531 Getting Started with the Pro Development Kit (HTML) 30/03/2020 1.2
UM-B-117: [Chinese] DA14531 Getting Started with the Pro Development Kit (HTML) 30/03/2020 1.2
UM-B-118: DA14585-DA14531 SDK Porting Guide 29/04/2020 1.2
UM-B-119: DA14585-DA14531 SW Platform Reference 10/04/2020 2.0
UM-B-143 Dialog External Processor Interface 11/12/2020 0.2
UM-B-146-DA14585-DA14531-HCI Commands 10/11/2020 1.0
Development Tools
Date Version
Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer for Windows OS 13/04/2020 1.0.4
Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer for Linux OS 13/04/2020 1.0.4
Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer for mac OS 13/04/2020 1.0.4
UM-B-138: Programming flash User Manual (HTML) 24/03/2020 1.0
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.14 for Windows OS 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.14 for Linux OS 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.14 for macOS 28/05/2020 2.0.14
UM-B-057 SmartSnippets Studio User Manual 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Studio Release Notes 28/05/2020 2.0.14
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.14 for Windows OS 28/05/2020 5.0.14
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.14 for for Linux OS 28/05/2020 5.0.14
UM-B-083 SmartSnippets Toolbox User Manual (HTML) 28/05/2020 5.0.14
SmartSnippets Toolbox Release Notes 28/05/2020 5.0.14
Software Applications & Examples
Date Version
Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS)
SmartBond™ - CodeLess AT Commands
Social Distancing Tags 21/09/2020 1.0
Software Application & Examples: Setup using Python Script
Date Version
Software Example Setup Using Python Link Script 04/11/2019 1.0
Software Applications & Examples: Peripheral Drivers/Adapters
Date Version
DA14531 Timer1 Software Example 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586 Simple Button 22/01/2021 1.2
DA14531-DA14585-586 SPI DMA Example 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14585/-DA14586/-DA14531_Segger_RTT_Example 22/01/2021 1.1
Software Applications & Examples: Bluetooth
Date Version
DA14531: Different ways of handling RESET mechanism 27/08/2020 1.1
Booting the DA14531 with Codeless Through a STM32 11/01/2021 1.0
DA14531 BLE Eddystone beacon with Hibernation Or Deep Sleep Mode 26/10/2020 1.1
DA14531 BLE Pressure Sensor Bmp388 02/06/2020 1.0
DA14531 Configuring Hibernation and State-aware hibernation mode 23/12/2020 1.2
DA14531 DA14585-586 BLE Button Wakeup 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531 ibeacon 11/03/2020 1.0
DA14531 Power optimized Dynamic advertising 23/10/2020 1.0
DA14531 Quuppa Tag Emu example 19/12/2020 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586 BLE Multirole Example 04/12/2020 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586 BLE Notify Button Wakeup 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586 Changing advertising parameters using GPIO interrupts and/or timers 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586 Measuring Temperature 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586 Reading I2C Accelerometer BLE 14/01/2021 1.4
DA14531-DA14585-586 Simple beacon Example 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531-DA14585-586_HID Gamepad Demo 23/11/2020 1.0
DA14531-DA14585/586 Peripheral BLE- iOS MIDI over GATT profile 23/11/2020 1.0
DA14531-DA14585/586 Service Data Beacon 15/05/2020 1.0
DA14585 DA14586 DA14531 Scan Request Track 14/01/2020 1.0
DA14585-DA14531 Dynamic DLE and L2CAP Packet size Optimization 07/04/2020 1.1
DA14585/DA14586 - DA14531 Multiperipheral Example 15/05/2020 1.0
DA14585/DA14586/DA14531 Central Implementation 16/06/2020 1.0
STM32 SUOTA via DA14531 11/01/2021 1.1
Hardware Design Examples
Date Version
DA14531 QFN/Boost Hardware Design Example 29/07/2020 1.0
DA14531 QFN/Buck Hardware Design Example 29/07/2020 1.0
DA14531 QFN/BypassHardware Design Example 29/07/2020 1.0
DA14531 WLCSP /Boost Hardware Design Example 15/09/2020 1.0
DA14531 WLCSP/ Buck Hardware Design Example 15/09/2020 1.0
DA14531 WLCSP/Bypass Hardware Design Example 15/09/2020 1.0
Hardware design example guide 15/09/2020 1.1
Mobile Apps
Date Version
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android 04/05/2020 3.190.18
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - iOS 04/05/2020 3.200.14
Production Line Tool Kit
Date Version
Production Line Tool documents
Application Notes
Date Version
AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas for Bluetooth Smart 25/06/2020 2.3
AN-B-027: Designing Printed Antennas: DXF files 04/04/2017 1.0
AN-B-072: DA14531 Booting from OTP and Serial Interfaces 04/01/2021 1.5
AN-B-073: DA14531 Filter for Spurious Emissions Reduction 04/11/2019 1.2
AN-B-075: DA14531 Hardware Guidelines 23/10/2020 1.4
AN-B-077: DA14531 Bluetooth Direct Test Mode 17/03/2020 1.2
White Papers
Date Version
Implementing Bluetooth LE Data Pumps 04/11/2019 Rev A
Implementing Bluetooth LE Data Pumps (Chinese) 04/11/2019 1.0
Date Version
BLE Advertising Tutorial (HTML) 25/10/2019 1.0
BLE Security on DA145x devices 28/04/2020 2.0
BLE SUOTA Update on DA14585/DA14586 and DA14531 Devices 03/09/2020 2.1
Create a Custom GATT Profile Characteristic on DA14531 and DA14585/DA14586 devices 01/04/2020 2.0
DA14531 Sleep Mode Tutorial (HTML) 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531_FAQs (HTML) 18/01/2020 1.0
Getting Started with SDK6 (HTML) 15/12/2020 1.8
Using SDK6 Peripheral Drivers (HTML) 04/05/2020 1.5
Hardware Design Collateral
Date Version
DA14531 17-XFBGA, WLCSP Symbols & footprints 13/03/2020 1.0
DA14531 FCGQFN24 Symbols & footprints 13/03/2020 1.0
Known limitation list
Date Version
DA14531 Errata DataSheet 01/11/2019 1.0
FCC, ETSI certifications
Date Version
DA14531 EN 300 328 certification test report (WLCSP) 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531 EN 300 328 certification test report (QFN) 04/11/2019 1.0
BT SIG certifications
Date Version
DA14531: QDID Controller Subsystem 08/08/2019 D047135
DA14531: QDID Host Subsystem 27/08/2019 D047136
DA14531: QDID Profile Subsystem 31/10/2019 D048316
RoHS and Reach
Date Version
DA14531 REACH declaration 04/11/2019 1.0
DA14531 RoHS declaration 04/11/2019 1.0
Previous Software Releases
Date Version
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.12 for Windows OS 14/03/2020 5.0.12
Date Version
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - Android (Registered users only) 24/10/2019 3.190.16
Dialog SUOTA - Source Code - iOS (Registered users only) 29/10/2019 3.200.12
Low Power Connectivity Software License Agreement
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.10 for Linux OS 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.10 for Windows OS 02/10/2019 2.0.10
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.12 for Linux OS 14/03/2020 2.0.12
SmartSnippets Studio V2.0.12 for Windows OS 14/03/2020 2.0.12
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.10 for for Linux OS 02/10/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.10 for Windows OS 02/10/2019 5.0.10
SmartSnippets Toolbox V5.0.12 for for Linux OS 14/03/2020 5.0.12
SDK_6.0.12.1020.2 for DA14531 and DA14585/6 [Including SDK APIs Documentation] (Registered users only) 12/12/2019
SDK_6.0.12.1020.2_hotfix_001 (Registered users only) 06/03/2020
SW-B-002 DA14531 SDK Release Notes v. 12/12/2019

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DA14531-00000OG2 WLCSP17 package   Mouser Digikey
DA14531-00000FX2 FCGQFN24 package Avnet US Mouser Digikey
DA14531-00FXDEVKT-P   Mouser Digikey
DA14531-00OGDB-P   Mouser Digikey
DA14531-00FXDB-P   Mouser Digikey
DA14531-00FXDEVKT-U   Mouser Digikey


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