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FT Click

MikroBUS™ compatible interface module


Plug 'n' play mikroBUS-compatible FT Click helps IIoT developers harness the ultimate wired communication tech

Looking for the most reliable and easiest-to-scale communications media for your next industrial IoT project? Use FT Click to instantly prototype your connected devices through open protocols. Based on the powerful Dialog FT 6050 smart transceiver, FT Click provides three ways to communicate: BACnet, LON and MQTT. These protocols run on top of the uniquely robust FT twistedpair media.

Learn more about the benefits of FT.

Need some ideas to get started? We've built sample applications using hugely popular Node-RED and freely available open APIs to eliminate any learning curve. Our communication software stacks are open source and available for a wide variety of development environments.



  • FT 6050 Smart Transceiver

Flash Memory

  • AT25SF081B

Communication Software

  • FTMQ protocol stack (MQTT-like protocol for FT)
  • BACnet FT protocol stack
  • LON protocol stack


Adds an FT interface to any development board with a mikroBUS slot or adapter

Plug ‘n’ play product is ideal for prototyping industrial IoT products

Works with development platforms including Arduino, Free RTOS, Raspberry Pi and STMCube

Includes on-board processing power and communications transformer

Supports polarity-insensitive free topology star, daisy chain, bus, loop, or mixed topology wiring

Very high common-mode noise immunity

Sample applications from building management to industrial automation are available from GitHub using the link under the Related links section below


HVAC controls

Room lighting and sunblind controls

Emergency lighting controls

Elevator and escalator controls

Access controls

Security systems

Fab equipment monitoring

Sound masking and emergency paging

Quick service restaurant automation

Retail store automation

Renewable energy management

Energy metering

Environmental monitoring

Gas detection

Backup power generation control

Transportation automation

Train systems monitoring

Agricultural equipment automation

Dairy farm automation

Stage and sound systems

Cold storage

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FT Click Board Demo

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FT 6050 Free Topology Video

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