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Stereo HP CODEC for consumer applications requiring Hi Res audio and high performance


Stereo hi-fi CODEC

The SmartBeat™ DA7400 is a high-performance, ultra-low-power stereo hi-fi codec perfect for configurable headsets. With its integrated audio processor, the DA7400 delivers excellent audio performance including dynamic ranges for playback of 115 dB and sampling rates up to 384 kHz. It also offers 40 kHz audio bandwidth to support Hi-Res Audio.

Available in a choice of compact packages to meet the needs of even the most space-constrained applications. Moreover, it is part of a family of pin-compatible codecs, making it easier for you to develop a complete portfolio of headphone, headset and earbud solutions for any application.

The SmartBeat™ DA7400 lets you create high-performance headphones, headsets and IoT devices to impress even the most demanding user. It offers industryleading audio in a low-power, space-saving solution, helping enable longer playback times in more compact applications.

Lifecycle status

● Active


Enhanced audio performance

  • 115 dB playback dynamic range
  • 40 kHz bandwidth supports Hi-Res Audio

Configurable filter engine

4-wire digital audio interface with support for I2S, TDM and other common audio formats

  • Up to 32 bits per channel
  • Up to 384 kHz sample rate support

Three stereo PDM inputs for digital microphones and low latency connection from host processors

Integrated low-noise microphone bias

Flexible DSP supporting mixing, gain, equalization, sidetone, and automatic gain control

Bypassable asynchronous sample-rate converters


  • Programmable fractional-N phase-locked loop (PLL)
  • Sample rate tracking

2-wire I2C compatible control interface


Superior audio performance

Class-leading low power consumption

Highly compact footprint

Minimal external component count

Development kit including extensive tooling to speed up product development

Family of pin-compatible variants


Configurable headsets (Bluetooth / USB-C)

IoT devices

Consumer Hi-Res Audio systems


WLCSP-32 (3.26 mm x 1.72 mm, 0.4 mm pitch)


The DA7400 development kit contains all the hardware you need including motherboard with a DA14195 co-processor, and a daughterboard featuring the DA7400 in your choice of package.



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