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2.5 A companion charger IC for rapid charging applications


Adds 11W Charging Power

DA9155M offers a small solution that can be easily added on to existing main charger circuit designs and solves the heat dissipation problem created when the rapid charging feature is adopted in a system. It is compatible to all rapid charging technologies. DA9155M is added in parallel with the main battery charger to solve the thermal issue.

DA9155M features a Buck converter capable of 2.5 A constant output current with an accuracy of ±5%. Current sensing is performed with a fully integrated circuit. The peak efficiency of the Buck converter is 92%.


Input voltage 4.3 -13.5 V

Input voltage monitoring

Buck converter with output current regulation

  • Output current 2.5 A
  • < >5% current regulation accuracy
  • Selectable switching frequency

Fault detection (VIN and VBAT monitoring)

Safety timer

Junction temperature monitoring

-40 to +85 °C temperature range


Heat dissipation problem solved

Compatible to any rapid charging technology

Compatible to all inductor based chargers

Dynamic current balancing between main and companion charger




Battery Packs


WLCSP-30 (0.4 mm pitch)

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Product Briefs and Summaries
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DA9155M Product Brief (598.8 KB)
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DA9155M Datasheet (762.73 KB)
Application notes
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DA9155M PCB Layout Guide (905.96 KB)
Software drivers
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DA9155M Linux kernel Driver (linux-stable/v3.18) (365.75 KB) (Registered users only) 07/01/2016 1v2
Software Resources
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DA9155 setup GUI AB.0.0.20 (59.85 MB) (Registered users only) 15/03/2016 AB
User guides and manuals
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DA9155M Evaluation Board Guide (2.32 MB)