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PWM Motor control

The CCU2350 provides PWM speed control for permanent excited DC motors of the type typically used in house hold appliances.  The monolithic integrated bipolar circuit works on the principle of pulse width modulation (PMW). The overall concept enables the construction of a power controller with mains voltage compensation where intermittent operation is also possible. In addition, the circuit also enables mains-voltage compensated current control, which maintains the power supplied at a constant level after the preset threshold has been exceeded.









  • Motor control for household appliances, domestic tools
  • Pulse width control up to 30 kHz clock frequency 
  • Active operation indicator 
  • Blink-warn indicator 
  • Switchable to interval operation 
  • Push-pull output stage for separate supply
  • Supply voltage monitoring 
  • Temperature compensated supply voltage limitation 
  • Direct replacement of other 2350 types (U2350B) 


  • Mains supply compensation
  • Current regulation
  • Temperature monitoring with indicator


  • Household consumer applications like food processors
  • Domestic equipment
  • Power tools
  • Toys


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