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Bluetooth Module HongJia / HJ-580CY

Bluetooth Module


Tangshan HongJia Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a series of very compact and cost-effective modules with Dialog’s DA14580 BLE SoC offering industry leading low power consumption. The HJ-580CY with integrated crystal oscillator and PCB trace antenna comes in a 10 x 10 mm footprint in an LGA-like package. Several other footprints, such as the HJ-580LA, are available down to a footprint of 5.6 x 6 mm, making it one of the smallest Bluetooth low energy modules available.


Frequency: 2.4GHZ, Support ISM free Band

Embedded Bluetooth low energy stack and GATT profile

Transmit Power: 0 dBm

High sensitivity: -93 dBm

Onboard PCB Antenna

Power supply: 2.5 V to 6.5 V

BLE master and slave role supported

Ultra-low power consumption:

  • Sleep current < 2 uA
  • 11.5 uA with 1-sec advertising interval
  • 6.3 uA with 2-sec advertising interval

GPIO: Up to 6 GPIOs available

Communication range: around 20 to 40 meters

Small footprint: 10mm * 10mm(PCB Antenna, Weight: 0.315g, ROHS compliance

Package: 0.8mm Pad spacing following LGA package

Industrial temperature range: -40 to 85 °C (Maximum up to 105 °C)

Supports Wechat, Xiaomi MiSDK, Modules without built-in firmware for custom profile are also available

Module firmware variants

Custom Version - HJ-580CY_CUSv2 - Accept firmware customization

MI profile Version - HJ-580CY_MICv2 - Must be customized

Uart & Wechat - Version HJ-580CY_WSPPv2

Custom development Version - HJ-580CY_EMP - No firmware inside: for customer self-development