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Bluetooth Module ALPS / UGMZ2AA

Bluetooth Module


UGMZ2AA is a Bluetooth® low energy module with ultra-low current consumption, an embedded antenna and ultra-small size.The low current consumption allows the use of a coin battery, such as CR2032 with long battery life. The embedded antenna is located on the top of the module. The size and pin layout are almost the same as the ALPS UGMZ2A1 module without antenna. The small size allows flexibility and ease of design in development. Two Crystals (16 MHz, 32.768 KHz) are present in the module such that UGMZ2A require only one capacitor externally, This helps to reduce the application BOM and total area for the module on a PCB.


Bluetooth® low energy module

Very small package: (W x D x H) 4.7 × 4.7 × 2.0 mm (UGMZ2AA with antenna)

Low power consumption 4.8 mA @TX (0 dBm), 5.1 mA @RX

Embedded antenna

Built-in 2 crystals: reference 16 MHz, sub 32.768 kHz

Embedded Bluetooth low energy stack and GATT profile

Technical conformity (Giteki) Mark, FCC and CE certification


IoT devices

Wearable computers

Healthcare devices

Energy management

System (xEMS) devices

Ordering information

ALPS UGMZ2AA module with antenna: UGMZ2AA001A

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