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Success Stories

Key Fob

DA14683 unlocks highest security and convenience in authentication

The tiny StarSign® Key Fob from globally renowned security experts Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) sets new standards for security and convenience. A premium product like this must be built on a premium platform. For G+D, the DA14683 Bluetooth LE SoC was the only chip fit for the job – offering easy system integration, quick firmware implementation, ample processing power for stable operation, on-chip USB battery charger and a convenient secure boot feature.

bleuio dongle

A faster way to new Bluetooth® applications

Swedish IoT company Smart Sensor Devices AB believes developing new Bluetooth applications should be as easy as using them. That’s why they created the BleuIO Bluetooth Low Energy USB dongle using Dialog’s Bluetooth SoCs– a smart, highly integrated device that lets developers create new Bluetooth LE 5.0 applications with minimal effort.

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Smart devices that don’t need charging?

Smartcube Co. produces modular chips that convert everyday objects like sport shoes and ID badges into smart, connected IoT devices. Remarkably, they aim to produce chips that are so energy-efficient, the resulting devices never need charging! Dialog’s SmartBond Bluetooth low energy range is helping them achieve their power consumption goals at low cost while delivering excellent reliability.