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Social Distancing

Reference Designs

Social distancing

Embedded Software Applications for Social Distancing Applications

Dialog semiconductor is providing leading edge software references for distance measurements between Bluetooth devices. In the COVID-19 pandemic context this technology can be used for alerting people in keeping a safe social distance to other people. Two different projects are provided as described below.

Accurate measurements based on Dialog Semiconductor’s Wireless Ranging (WiRa) technology

WiRa is using a radar-like implementation to greatly enhance distance measurement for connected devices, amounting to +/- 0.5 meters in typical situations. The provided SW example is running on the DA1469x family of Bluetooth devices and has been created on top of the SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK

Distance measurements based on Received Signal Strength Indication (RSSI)

Distance measurements based on RSSI allow for implementation on any Bluetooth enabled devices. The results are not as accurate as WiRa but it will run on low-end devices and therefore can be created at a lower cost.  The provided software example demonstrates the functionality on the DA14531 IC and also on the DA14531 TINY Module