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SmartBond™ Wireless Ranging (WiRa™) SDK


Dialog’s Wireless Ranging (WiRa™) SDK enhances the DA1469x family of Bluetooth LE SoCs with new, highly accurate and reliable distance measurement capabilities. Current market offerings fall short due to radio signal strength indicator (RSSI), a flawed measure that’s sensitive to radio signal blockages. Unlike RSSI, the WiRa™ SDK uses radar-like implementation to greatly enhance distance measurement for connected devices, amounting to +/- 0.5 meters in typical situations. The result is a solution with 10x the accuracy of competing RSSI-based localization options.

The WiRa™ SDK’s 2.4 GHz radio interweaves Bluetooth low energy data packets with constant tone frequency exchanges to generate phase-based ranging signals. The high-resolution, on-chip radio wave sampling provides high quality IQ samples, which form the inputs for distance determination. Data processing algorithms then filter the data for noise, interference and reflections. This process outputs the shortest distance over-the-air signal path length, providing the application with a distance measurement value to use.

The WiRa™ SDK leverages the existing DA1469x wireless MCU family – including its ARM® Cortex®-M33 application processor, M0+-based baseband processor and best-in-class radio performance – to provide distance measurements from a single chip. It also comes equipped with a Bluetooth LE 5.1 compliant stack and software implementation, eliminating the need for hardware adaptations or an external host processor and ensuring co-existence between Bluetooth communications and the distance measurement process.

This all adds up to a solution that provides end users with greater reliability, security, and location and tracking accuracy for the IoT devices in peer-to-peer applications.


Add distance measurement as a feature to your Wireless or Proprietary applications

Improved accuracy and robustness compared to RSSI based localization

No additional HW needed compared to standard BLE system designs

Single-chip embedded system architecture

Comprehensive SW suite including data processing algorithms, distance output, UI and SW application example.


Asset tracking

Indoor Positioning

Smart locks

Authentication (eg. for Mobile Payments)

Product Brief
Name Date Version
SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK Product Brief (2.07 MB) 15/05/2020 1.0
Name Date Version
SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK 10.440.8.6 (15.12 MB) (Registered users only) 06/07/2020 10.440.8.6
SW-B-024 SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK 10.440.8.6 Release Notes (217.32 KB) 06/07/2020 10.440.8.6
SDK User Manual
Name Date Version
UM-B-137_DA1469x_Wireless_Ranging_SDK (2.36 MB) 22/07/2020 2.1
Name Date Version
SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK 10.440.8.4 (15.11 MB) (Registered users only) 15/04/2020 1.0

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DA14695 Bluetooth LE Development Kit (2pcs) pre-programmed boards with Wireless Ranging application

Order code: DA14695-00HQDEVKT-RANG

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