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Bluetooth Low Energy Range Extender

Reference Designs


Dialog’s SmartBond™ Range Extender reference designs enable you to take full advantage of the output power of the Bluetooth low energy standard to extend the range of your applications.

By combining Dialog’s best-in-class Bluetooth low energy chip with Skyworks high-efficiency RF power amplifier front-end-module, Dialog’s range extender offers you optimal range without compromising on power consumption. The resulting solution also meets all Bluetooth low energy and regulatory requirements such as FCC and CE compliance.

DA14585/6 Range Extender


DA14585 + SKY66111

Maximized range

  • Up to +9.3 dBm Nominal Maximum Output Power
  • Better than -91 dBm receive sensitivity
  • > 100.3 dBm link budget

Power consumption

  • Tx <17 mA system peak @ 3 V @ +9.3 dBm Nominal Maximum Output Power
Product Briefs and Summaries
Name Date Version
DA14585 Range Extender Product Brief (1.23 MB) 10/01/2018 1.0
Reference designs
Name Date Version
DA14580 Range Extender Ref Design gerbers_layout_bom Version 2 (868.76 KB) 05/10/2015 1.3
DA14585 Range Extender SW Release Notes (111.75 KB) 01/08/2019 1.1
UM-B-074 DA1468x Range Extender Supporting Material (2.52 MB) 14/12/2016 1.0
Name Date Version
DA14580 Range Extender Ref Design Schematics Version 2 (58.98 KB) 05/10/2015 1.0
Schematic and Layout of devkit-PRO to DA14580 FEM interposer board (183.8 KB) 05/10/2015 1.0
Software drivers
Name Date Version
DA14585 + SKY66111 Range Extender Software Driver (4.88 KB) 01/08/2019 1.1
Range Extender 2. Supporting SDK files (1.54 KB) 09/11/2015 1.0
User guides and manuals
Name Date Version
UM-B-045 User manual Range Extender version 2 (2.81 MB) 05/10/2015 1.1
UM-B-074 DA1468x Range Extender Daughterboard (4.18 MB) 16/05/2018 1.1
UM-B-089 User manual DA14585 Range Extender Reference Application (4.21 MB) 01/08/2019 1.1