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Inventek ISM14585-L35

Bluetooth module


All the advantages of the DA14585 with greater flexibility.

The ISM14585-L35-P8 offers the smallest, lowest power and most integrated Bluetooth® solution available with up to 8Mbit of Flash and an optional range extender amplifier on board.

Ideal for adding Bluetooth low energy to products like remote controls, proximity tags, beacons, connected medical devices and smart home nodes, this versatile module supports all Bluetooth developments up to and including Bluetooth 5. It even features an integrated microphone input for voice command support.

The ISM14585-L35-P8 is easy to design in and supports standalone as well as hosted applications. It is supported by Dialog’s complete development environment including SmartSnippets™ software to support you in fast prototyping, design for mass production and optimizing power consumption.


DA14585 BLE5.0 SoC

Integrated 8Mb SPI Flash on board

Integrated SkyWorks PA on board for increased TX power

Integrated 16Mhz and 32kHz Oscillators

Integrated 10b ADC

Integrated Power Management Unit

FCC, CE, IE certification complete

Option for either a certified embedded antenna or certified w.fl external antenna

1.8 - 3.6V operating voltage

All required passive components

LGA package 6.0mm x 8.6mm x 1.2mm


IoT Applications

Voice-controlled remote controls

Keyboard & Mouse

Connected Sensors

Beacons and Tags

Home Automation

Connected Toys

Consumer Appliances

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Name Date Version
B24P-W w.fl External Antenna Preliminary Data Sheet (782.51 KB) 10/08/2018 1.0
ISM14585-L35-P8 Preliminary Data Sheet (3.75 MB) 28/01/2020 3.6
ISM14585-L35-P8-EVB Evaluation Board User Manual (1.63 MB) 19/11/2019 3.5
Product Brief
Name Date Version
ISM14585-L35 Product Brief (338.06 KB) 1.0
Name Date Version
INVENTEK SDK RELEASE FOR THE ISM14585 (9.46 MB) (Registered users only) 28/05/2020
SDK User Manual
Name Date Version
UM-B-049 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the PRO-Development Kit (HTML) (25.09 KB) 02/11/2018 2.1
UM-B-049 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the PRO-Development Kit (PDF) (2.36 MB) 02/11/2018 2.1

Development Kits and Reference Designs

IoTComboEVK-14585 Kit

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ISM14585-L35 Digikey Mouser
IoT Combo Evaluation Kit Digikey
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