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emWin Segger

SmartBond™ emWin support for DA1469x

The emWin embedded graphics library developed by SEGGER Microcontroller is now offered by Dialog Semiconductor in library form for free commercial use with the SmartBond® DA1469x wireless microcontrollers. The software bundle offered by Dialog Semiconductor includes the emWin Color basic package, the Window Manager/Widgets module including the GUIBuilder, the Memory Devices module for flicker-free animation, the Antialiasing module for smooth display of curves, lines and fonts, the Font Converter and the VNC Server.

emWin can be used in any application from battery-powered single chip products with basic graphic needs, to high-end embedded systems demanding ultra-high performance, and sophisticated animations.

emWin is provided in library form to users of Dialog Semiconductor products exclusively. A user of a free emWin library supported by Dialog Semiconductor can get a emWin source code upgrade with a discount of up to 50% on the SEGGER website.


Free professional graphical stack library available in binary form

Rich set of widgets (buttons, checkboxes, calendars, gauges, …)

Raw graphical renderer (Pixels, Shapes, Fonts, …)

Alpha blending, Antialiasing, Cursors

Window and overlap manager

Windows-based simulation environment

Memory-sparing features (memory pool, refresh only changed portions, …)

Full set of Development tools: GUI Builder to create screens, Font converter, Bitmap converter, simulator, …


Create stunning graphics with a powerful and easy to use API

Experience the reliability of a proven graphics solution

Embedded graphical user interface solution

Use a wide variety of displays



Consumer electronics

Connected appliances

Human Interface Devices

Connected medical devices


Software Applications & Examples
Name Date Version
DA1469x emWin demonstration (1.31 MB) 02/02/2020 1.1
DA1469x emWin library (24.97 MB) 02/02/2020 10.480.04
Application Notes
Name Date Version
AN-B-074: DA1469x emWin Graphic Library and GUI (7.58 KB) 10/09/2019 1.0