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DA14580 Development Kit - Basic


The DA14585 and DA14586 are available for new designs.

DA14580 Board – Basic

Get ahead of the competition

This DA14580 basic development kit gives you all flexibility to develop with confidence. All of the DA14580’s I/Os are available and mapped on to expansion connectors. A debugger is provided on the PCB which in combination with SmartSnippets™, Dialog’s complete software environment, enables you to program and test your applicatiions.

SmartBond™: power, size and system cost without compromise


All flexibility

All I/O’s available and mapped on to expansion connectors

Onboard debugger

Complete software environment available

Starter kit



USB cable

Quick starting guide

Product Briefs and Summaries
Name Date Version
SmartBond™ DA1458x Family Product Brief (2.82 MB) 22/06/2017 1.0
Name Date Version
DA14580 Datasheet (2.64 MB) 09/11/2016 3.4
Application notes
Name Date Version
AN-B-052 DA145Xx/68x Development Kit J-Link Interface (492.82 KB) 14/02/2017 1.0
Design tools
Name Date Version
DA14580 DEVKT -Basic: Electrical Schematic, BOM-, Layout-, Design- and Gerber-files (1.64 MB) 08/10/2018 2.3
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SmartBond™ DA14580 - Development Kit - Basic

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