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Bluetooth Module TDK / SESUB-PAN-DA14580

Bluetooth Module


The TDK SESEB-PAN-DA14580 module supports Bluetooth 4.1 standard. All protocol stacks required for Bluetooth low energy communication are built in, including various Bluetooth low energy profiles.




Bluetooth® low energy module

Space saving ultra small package 3.5 x 3.5 x 1.0mm (TYP)

36 pin solder bumped BGA with 0.5mm pitch

ARM Cortex-M0 32bit high performance microcontroller, 32 kB OTP programmable memory, 84 kB ROM for Bluetooth stack, 42 kB system SRAM, 8 kB retention SRAM

Including IC (DA14580), crystal (16MHz), inductor, and capacitor in the module

Tx_Out 0 dBm (typ)

Rx_In -94 dBm (typ)

5.0 mA (Tx), 5.4 mA (Rx), 0.8 µA (deep sleep mode)


Healthcare/sports & fitness equipment (for example activity mass meter, thermometer, sphygmomanometer, blood oximeter, blood glucose meter, heart rate meter, biometrics)

Wearable devices (for example wristband, watch, ring, glasses, shoes, hat, shirt)

Home entertainment equipment (for example emote control, sensor tag, toys, lighting products)

PC peripheral applications (for example: mouse, key board, stylus, presentation pointer)

Order information

Bluetooth low energy module

Order increment: 1,000

Packaging: tape and reel

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