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DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module

The Bluetooth® low energy solution that will power the next 1 billion IoT devices through ease of use.

DA14531 Module Front

The DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module is the Bluetooth® low energy solution that will power the next 1 billion IoT devices through ease of use.

The DA14531 SmartBond TINY™ Module, based on the world’s smallest and lowest power Bluetooth 5.1 system-on-Chip, brings the DA14531 SoC advantages to an integrated module. It just requires a power supply and a printed circuit board to build a Bluetooth application.

The module is targeting broad market use and will be certified across regions providing significant savings in development cost and time-to-market.

It comes with an integrated antenna and easy to use software making Bluetooth low energy development easier than ever before.

This awesome combination takes mobile connectivity to applications previously out of reach, enabling of the next billion IoT devices, with SmartBond TINY™ at their core.


Need for a pre-programmed DA14531 TINY Module with your own code?

DigiKey and EPS Global are selected 3rd parties who provide programming services of small sample to high volume batches.

DigiKey is one of the fastest growing distributors of electronic components in the world. For more information on Digikey’s programming services contact

EPS Global is one of the world's largest programming service providers. For more information on EPS Global’s programming services go to or contact Munteanu Florentin


Bluetooth 5.1 core qualified

Integrated antenna

Worldwide certification

Cortex-M0+ @16MHz

IoTMark™-BLE score of 18300

23.75uA/MHz MCU current

Memory: 48kB RAM, 32kB OTP &1Mb FLASH

1.8-3.3V Supply Range

+2.2dBM max output power

-93dBm sensitivity

Rx current 2mA at 3V

Tx current 4mA at 3V at 0dBm

Interfaces: 2xUART, SPI, I2C

4-channel 10-bit ADC


Built-in temperature sensor

Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

Dimensions: 12.5x14.5x2.8 mm



Remote controls

Proximity tags


Low power sensors

Bluetooth LE add-on “pipe” to existing applications

Provisioning of any type of equipment providing ease of use with smartphone APP-based based setup and control, eliminating the need for printed user manuals

DA14531 Module block diagram

DA14531 Block Diagram

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Name Date Version
DA14531 Module Datasheet (2.09 MB) 31/05/2021 3.1
Product Brief
Name Date Version
DA14531 SmartBond Tiny Module Product Brief (1.27 MB) 02/07/2020 2.0
Name Date Version
SDK6.0.14.1114 for DA14531 and DA14585/6 (9.45 MB) (Registered users only) 29/04/2020 SDK6.0.14.1114
SDK_6.0.14.1114_hotfix_001 (6.31 MB) (Registered users only) 15/07/2020 SDK_6.0.14.1114_hotfix_001
SW-B-002 DA14531 SDK Release Notes v. (315.84 KB) (Registered users only) 29/04/2020 SDK6.0.14.1114
SDK User Manual
Name Date Version
DA145xx SDK6 API Documentation (Doxygen) (5.42 MB) 29/04/2020 SDK6.0.14.1114
SDK6 Known Limitations List (25.09 KB) 29/04/2021 1.0
UM-B-117: DA14531 Getting Started with the Pro Development Kit (HTML) (25.09 KB) 30/03/2020 1.2
UM-B-117: [Chinese] DA14531 Getting Started with the Pro Development Kit (HTML) (25.09 KB) 30/03/2020 1.2
UM-B-118: DA14585-DA14531 SDK Porting Guide (25.09 KB) 29/04/2020 1.2
UM-B-119: DA14585-DA14531 SW Platform Reference (25.09 KB) 10/04/2020 2.0
UM-B-143 Dialog External Processor Interface (6.15 MB) 11/12/2020 0.2
UM-B-151: Extending flash support for DA14531 (25.09 KB) 22/04/2021 1.0
Development Tools
Name Date Version
Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer for Linux OS (8.13 KB) 28/04/2021
Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer for mac OS (623.67 KB) 28/04/2021
Dialog Smartbond Flash Programmer for Windows OS (4.57 MB) 10/08/2021
UM-B-138: Programming flash User Manual (HTML) (25.09 KB) 24/03/2020 1.0
Software Applications & Examples
Name Date Version
Clone Github example Repository (25.09 KB)
DA14531 SUOTA via STM32 (25.09 KB) 11/01/2021 1.1
Dialog Serial Port Service (DSPS) (7.58 KB)
SmartBond™ - CodeLess AT Commands (7.58 KB)
Production Line Tool Kit
Name Date Version
Production Line Tool documents (7.58 KB)
Application Notes
Name Date Version
AN-B-083 Test jig Tool for DA14531 Tiny Module (759.67 KB) 16/06/2020 1.1
White Papers
Name Date Version
Motion aware thin Bluetooth LE beacon solution for smart labels (984.86 KB) 13/07/2021 1.1
Name Date Version
BLE SUOTA Update on DA14585/DA14586 and DA14531 Devices (25.09 KB) 13/07/2021 2.2
Tutorial 6 : SUOTA TOOL ZIP FILE (92.68 KB) 24/05/2018 1.0
User Guides
Name Date Version
UM-B-139: DA14531 Module getting started Guide (HTML) (25.09 KB) 31/03/2020 1.0
UM-B-141: DA14531 SMARTBOND TINY™ MODULE Development Kit Pro Hardware User Manual (2.93 MB) 07/06/2021 1.2
Hardware Design Collateral
Name Date Version
DA14531 Module Symbols & footprints (25.09 KB) 25/08/2020 1.0
FCC, ETSI certifications
Name Date Version
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-Europe (9.64 MB) 12/05/2020 EN 300 328 V2.2.2 BT4.0-c
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-FCC (U.S.A) (1.33 MB) 09/05/2020 FCC BT 4.0-d
BT SIG certifications
Name Date Version
DA14530: Profile Subsystem (7.58 KB) 25/08/2020 D051783
DA14531: QDID Controller Subsystem (7.58 KB) 08/08/2019 D047135
DA14531: QDID Host Subsystem (7.58 KB) 27/08/2019 D047136
DA14531: QDID Profile Subsystem (7.58 KB) 31/10/2019 D048316
Other Certifications
Name Date Version
DA14531: Bluetooth Low Energy RF-PHY Test Specification (1.04 MB) 08/08/2019 62000RBT.001
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-Asia (16.72 MB) 12/05/2020 1.0
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-Brazil-Canada (3.53 MB) 12/05/2020 ISED BT 4.0-b
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-Global (4.88 MB) 08/06/2020 SG ITS-21032
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-Great_China (328.05 KB) 05/06/2020 2020-5042
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-South-Africa (65.41 KB) 28/07/2020 TA-2020/5882
SmartBond-TINY-Certification-WPC (INDIA) (4.51 MB) 29/04/2021 ETA-SD-20210402433
RoHS and Reach
Name Date Version
DA14531 Module REACH declaration (192.23 KB) 18/06/2020 1.0
DA14531 Module RoHS declaration (165.43 KB) 18/06/2020 1.0
Ref. Design and Dev. Kit Documentation
Name Date Version
DA14531 Module Daughter Board DEVKT : BOM-, Layout-, Design-, Gerber-files (2.31 MB) 02/07/2020 C1.3

Development Kits and Reference Designs

Hardware Development Kits based on DA14531
Development Kit – USB
Development Kit – Pro
SmartBond Wireless Ranging SDK
Video thumbnail, click to open and play

Production Line Tool Kit Webinar

Video thumbnail, click to open and play

MikroBUS Click Board Webinar

Video thumbnail, click to open and play

IoT Podcast

Ordering information

DA14531 SmartBond TINY Module

  • Part number: DA14531MOD-00F01002
  • Size (mm): 12.5x14.5x2.8
  • Shipment Pack Quantity: Reel 1k

Bluetooth Low Energy Development Kit Pro for DA14531

  • Part number: DA14531MOD-00DEVKT-P
  • Description: Development Kit is based on module samples

Daughterboard for Pro Development Kit

  • Part number: DA14531MOD-00F1DB-P
  • Description: DA14531 Module Daughterboard for Pro Development Kit
  • SmartBond TINY Module: Includes motherboard, daughterboard and cables; Primary usage is SW application development and power measurements

SmartBond TINY Module: Includes motherboard, daughterboard and cables;
Primary usage is SW application development and power measurements

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DA14531 module: DA14531MOD-00F0100 Mouser Digikey Avnet Farnell
Pro Development Kit: DA14531MOD-00DEVKT-P Mouser Digikey Avnet Farnell
Daughterboard for development kit: DA14531MOD-00F1DB-P Mouser Digikey Farnell
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