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AzureWave AW-CU362

Bluetooth module


The AzureWave AW-CU362 is an advanced Bluetooth 5.0 module in stamp form factor, providing a highly cost effective, flexible and easy-to-use hardware and software platform.

With built-in Flash memory, crystals, all required passive components and an integrated antenna this FCC certified BLE5.0 system offers you the quickest time-to-market for your smart connected products.

The AW-CU362 builds upon the success of Dialog’s BLE5.0 system-on-chip SoC DA14585. The module is powered by production quality, field-tested Dialog software and BLE stack, which includes a rich set of software components and examples to kickstart your application SW development.

The AW-CU362 evaluation boards can plug into the Dialog development kit motherboard in order to leverage the use of the Dialog toolchain for HW evaluation and SW development.


DA14585 BLE5.0 SoC

1Mbit SPI Flash

Embedded antenna

Single 3.3V power input

Stamp module 19.6mm x 15mm x 2.45 mm

FCC and ETSI certified


IoT Applications

Connected Sensors

Connected Medical

Environmental Monitoring


Home Automation

Industrial Connectivity over BLE

Point of Sale Applications

Building Infrastructure

Temperature & Environmental Monitoring

Connected Toys

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Name Date Version
AzureWave AW-CU362 datasheet (1.13 MB) 01/02/2019 Rev. 0.6
SDK User Manual
Name Date Version
UM-B-049 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the PRO-Development Kit (HTML) (25.09 KB) 02/11/2018 2.1
UM-B-049 DA14585 & DA14586 Getting Started Guide with the PRO-Development Kit (PDF) (2.36 MB) 02/11/2018 2.1
FCC, ETSI certifications
Name Date Version
AW-CU362 CE Certification (4.73 MB) 01/02/2019 1.0
AW-CU362 FCC certification (6.14 MB) 01/02/2019 1.0

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AzureWave AW-CU362 Avnet
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