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6-Channel LED Driver with Integrated Boost Converter for LCD Panel Backlighting

The iW7027 or iW7038 are recommended for new designs.


6-channel, internal current sinks LED driver with integrated boost controller

The iW7016 is a 6-channel LED backlight driver designed to deliver better screen performance and lower cost in next-generation 2D and 3D LCD TVs. It offers a highly integrated feature set, including a DC-to-DC boost controller with 10V gate drive, high-voltage current sinks, and Dialog’s patented BroadLED™ digital current regulation technology to eliminate the need for costly LED binning.

The iW7016 offers a broad input voltage range of 9V to 36V and incorporates phase shifted individual PWM dimming to reduce motion blur; 8-bit analog dimming; and hybrid dimming.

The comprehensive dimming modes enable precise control of the PWM output position and duty cycle, providing maximum flexibility to support both patterned retarder and shutter glass 3D TV technologies, as well as 2D TV with just one IC.

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6-channel LED backlight driver, 65V (max) LED voltage

Wide input supply voltage: 9V to 36V

LED current:

  • 2D = 300mA
  • 3D = 600mA

Integrated current sinks capable of high currents

Integrated 10V DC-DC boost controller (10V gate drive) enables use of low-cost MOSFETs

Patented BroadLED™ technology lowers cost for LED binning

  • Reduces Vf between mismatched LED strings
  • ±2% current matching

PWM dimming range: 0% to 100%

Comprehensive dimming control:

  • Individual direct PWM with phase shift
  • 8-bit analog dimming
  • Hybrid dimming

Individual brightness control of each LED string facilitates local dimming

Comprehensive Protection Features

  • Boost Controller – Over-Voltage, Over-Current, UVLO
  • LED Drivers – LED Open Detection, LED Short Fault Protection, Over-Temperature Shutdown


Direct and segment-edge LED backlit LCD TVs

Edge-type global dimming LED backlit LCD TVs

3D patterned retarder (PR) TVs

3D shutter glass (SG) TVs

Block Diagrams


Typical applications diagram


Functional block diagram

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