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Partners that deliver real benefits


Partners that deliver real benefits

To support our customers and help simplify the process of getting to market with innovative products fast and effectively, we work with a range of technology partners. Each of them brings specific hardware and software expertise, offering more complete reference designs.

An established Portuguese company, Bithium develops cordless telephony (DECT, 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz, UPCS) and VoIP software and equipment supporting voice and data communications for both business and residential use. The company offers embedded software development, hardware, and system development as well as stack level support and licensing and full product development support for our customers.

Bithium's protocol stack and USB interface drivers are used in several commercial products. They are focused primarily on high-end designs, including USB dongles as a telephone base station, small PABXs, Skype and other internet telephones.


The professional audio industry is constantly searching for robust wireless transmission links that can transfer high-resolution audio signals at super-low latency. Recent frequency regulations have driven professional systems towards digital modulation schemes and open ISM bands putting them in competition for spectrum against widely used technologies and applications such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth®. To develop high-performance systems that can deliver perfect sound in these environments, you need Wireless Wisdom.

With years of experience in ProAudio design, development and manufacturing, RTX has gained the expertise to deliver incredible sound quality in high-density RF environments whether they are in the home, the studio or challenging radio environments having high inter-symbol interference.

If you need ProAudio having low latency, robust links for difficult radio environments, spectrum-efficient high audio quality, long radio range and/or low-power consumption – we have the expertise you need. We have already created customized ProAudio transmission systems for many of the world’s leading brands. We can help you too.

For added technical support or information on how to buy, contact us directly.

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